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Dear Son of God,
     I Call you a Son of God because that's who every human-being on the face of this Earth is, whether you know it or believe it or not.  To address any of your problems you must first acknowledge who you are.  God said, "My people perish for lack of knowledge," "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added to you."  First, understand that you are one with God and
all that the Father has, we all have.  You must believe it to make it work for you.  I've read a lot of letters, all talking about money problems, drug addiction, family problems, sickness, etc.  None of these things are as big as the god that you are or the God that lives within you.  From this day on, your attitude must be, "I and my Father are one," and "it is my Father's good pleasure to give me the kingdom."  No matter how bad you think you've messed up your life or what you've done, God still love's you and the power and authority of God is still your birthright.  God knows everything, including the things you desire.  So, go to God in quiet knowingness that there is a union between you and God because the Bible says that "I and my Father are one," and "He who is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit."  When you live in that consciousness you will get results.
     Most of the people living on this planet do not know who they are or their purpose for being here.  You are a god, the Christ, Son of the Living God, and your purpose here is to learn that, and remember that so God can use you to do the greater works.  Without this knowledge, you can't even help yourself or God's people who so desperately need answers.
     So, from this moment on, do everything in your life with the attitude that you and God are one and the same, even if you don't see the manifestation of His power in your life yet.  Your attitude will eventually bring it to past.  I don't mean going around telling everyone that you're a god with nothing to show for it.  Keep that between you and the Father.  He's the only one you have to prove that you know who you are to.

     I've enclosed a list of Psalms from the Bible.  Each one addresses a different need the you may have.  Follow the instructions.  Select the Psalm for the particular need you have and read it out loud.  Next, say a prayer for that same need out loud.  It is important for a god to send his words out into the Universe.  God said they won't come back void.
     The next thing I've enclosed for you is a mind treatment that will change the way you think about yourself.  Let yourself hear YOU speak these words 2 or 3 times a day, and as your consciousness is elevated from a human to a Son of God, you will began to see changes in your life.
     Always remember one thing.  When going to God be serious or it won't work for you.  Your relationship with God must be the most important thing or concern in your if you want the best results.  Follow my instructions and go on and make changes in your life for your highest good!
                              God Bless you, God Loves you!
                                                             "The Prophet"


Treatment for reprograming the mind