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Self Healing
     Giving yourself healing is a very important aspect of Reiki.  I very strongly advise that you perform self healing regularly, preferably daily for at least the first month.  As well as improving your health, it will balance and center your mind / body / spirit system, thereby allowing for a dramatically increased flow of Reiki energy during healing sessions.  Most importantly, it will definitely increase your inner guidance, helping you to pilot everyday situations more successfully, as well as providing spiritual guidance when appropriate.

     The accompanying pictures detail the suggested self healing routine.  You will be placing your hands in a number of different positions on the body.  Spend around 3 to 5 minutes in each of the six hand positions, making the complete session last around 20 to 30 minutes.  It is important to follow these guidelines precisely at first.  Once you are familiar with the basic procedure and have gained confidence, let your hands be guided by your intuition.

     Practice, Experience and Patience will surely bring you to the stage where you can trust your inner guidance.  In any case, the universal energy is always overlooking your healing sessions, ensuring that none of your attempts will ever go unrewarded.

Healing Session Procedure:

the process is equally effective in either a sitting or lying down position.
keep all fingers together throughout the process.
the hands should be placed gently on the body, however if the skin is irritated or in any way sensitive, it is perfectly okay to have your hands an inch or two above the body.
try to position your hands and arms so they will remain completely comfortable, as tension will distract your natural relaxation and stillness.
you may find that you naturally enter a meditative or sleep-like state during self-healing and also while healing others.  This is good, as there is no need for conscious control, and a clear mind allows the energy to flow most freely.
the solar plexus area, in the center of the body just below the breasts, is an important energy point in the body.  You will find great benefit by placing one or both hands on this area during any situation throughout the day in which you find yourself feeling anxious or upset.  It will greatly calm and strengthen you.
.  .  

Reiki is not meant to replace professional medical care, but rather serves to compliment orthodox medicine. Be sure to use appropriate medical care for any physical or emotional problems you have may.