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Perils Of  A Kundalini Awakening

The Kundalini is by definition a high energy state.  Every high energy state has negative side
effects if that energy is withdrawn (withdrawal symptoms).  Vitality, for example, is a high
energy generally stable state.  If vitality if withdrawn, as in extreme old age, the body
become decrepit, weakened and diseased.  Sexual experience is a high energy highly
unstable state.  Upon climax, sexual energy is withdrawn and you feel tired, weakened, and
lose interest in sex for a time.  Daily vigorousness is a moderate stable generally high energy
state (at least in childhood).  When withdrawn at the end of each day, tiredness and sleep is
the result.  Any energy state, especially a high energy state, upon withdrawal of that energy,
has withdrawal symptoms.  The kundalini is no exception!

The signs and symptoms of a Spiritual Fall are as follows:  1. A collapse sensation felt within
the mind.  2. A feeling of fear that grows over time.  3. A feeling of mental anguish or pain
that increases over time.  4 Confusion and short term memory loss.  5. A direct and
profound confrontation with suppressed subconscious material and dissociated self concepts
that may result in a lasting internal conflict or worse.  These are all psychological
withdrawal symptoms.  I am not a physician, but other than symptoms associated with
mental shock, I have never felt any symptoms I would associate with physical withdrawal
symptoms (shaking, delirium, sweating, etc.)

 If you survive, most of these symptoms last for several days and then gradually will get
better as things stabilize.  In my mind, it is not at all certain someone in poor health would
survive a really bad fall.  A full fledged spiritual fall can be hard on you physically.
However, if you survive, you will probably be left with recurring anxiety attacks and after a
period of time the kundalini will be trying to burn itself through any psychological block (see
Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy In Man, by Gopi Krishna).

So that's is pretty heavy, isn't it!  Soon, I will tell you that no one need ever go through a fall
again.  However, what I have described above is exactly why the specifics of this knowledge
has been kept secret for ages.  Generally, the knowledge that has been released by those in
the know has been pretty watered down.  Any one who wanted enlightenment from a valid
spiritual master had to go through initiation and years of training.  This was to make sure
that a disciple really wanted enlightenment more than anything in the world and that he/she
was purified enough so that a spiritual fall was unlikely to happen by itself.  An awakening
before this is what has been termed a premature awakening.

What normally shuts the kundalini down is simply the inability or the unwillingness to keep
it going.  The inability to keep it going results from the subconsciousness mind being
unwilling to look at powerful suppressed events.  Generally, the subconscious mind uses
external material objects that have previously given pleasure to displace the pain and
memories of an unpleasant event.  Integration is a fundamental part of the kundalini
experience.  The kundalini, like any stimulative energy, will bring up suppressed material
and you have to be willing to let go of that material and any desires (material attachments)
you used to repress it.  For this situation, it may be better to integrate this material before
you awaken the kundalini (see Awakening Mind 2).  

If you are a user of Light and Sound Sessions, you should know that you can not use another
light and sound session without running the risk of shutting down the kundalini.  This is an
easy thing to do, but any technology that can aid in enlightenment can remove

Many people wonder if you can have sex after a kundalini awakening.  There have been
enlightened people in India who were either a husband or wife and yet had sex.  My
understanding is that it hinders the rising of the kundalini.  I think the only way sex would
stop the kundalini is if you really lost yourself in the climax.
You will also shut the kundalini down if at some point you decide you don't want to go
through it any more and refuse to cooperate with it.  Your will is supreme . .  at least in the
short run.  If you decide against even a force as strong as the kundalini, you will shut it
down.  I have described the effects of the kundalini,  if there are some of those effects you
don't want, then don't even think of awakening this force.  I have described the effects of a
spiritual fall, if you don't want to risk those effects, then don't even think about awakening
the kundalini.  Pass it by and go on with your life.  

On the other hand, if you are looking for something deeply rewarding, something
enlivening, and something that causes spiritual and mental evolution,  awakening and
enlightenment, then the kundalini experience is for you.

These are the risks that have been run by disciples of the kundalini through the ages.
Technology has changed all of that.  The good news is that many if not all of the effects of a
spiritual fall are reversible with the help of light and sound sessions if caught in time.  Pre
existing psychological conditions aggravated by a fall are not reversible without further
integrative work.  No one need ever go through what I have described above.  I have
included  full instructions on how to awaken the kundalini and how to stop a spiritual fall in
the Awakening Mind 1 manual.

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