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Healing Others
      After you have practiced the self healing procedure          until it becomes natural and comfortable, you may begin working with others.  Be confident in your abilities, and have faith that Reiki will be looking after the procedure and ensuring it's success.  You may like to start with willing family members and friends.  Even if there's nothing physically wrong with them, they will receive relaxation from the process and will gain more harmony & other non-physical benefits.

     Most problems or illnesses should be started off with a series of four sessions you can assess their need for further healing, with perhaps another series of four sessions or maybe only once a week or even more infrequently.

     Everybody's healing process is unique.  Obvious physical symptoms may disappear, but it is important not to ignore any repressed emotional blockages which may become apparent during the healing process.  These often will occur as inner revelations to the receiver, either during or sometime after the session.  Often while performing the process you will yourself 'sense' feelings, ideas, or images that relate to the deeper causes of the receiver's illness.  It is very important that you let them know what you are sensing.  Sometimes the information can be understood logically, and other times the information will be more symbolic.  It will usually relate to past negative experiences or issues that have not been resolved satisfactorily.

     Forgiveness of the past is all-important to effective healing.  Often during Reiki sessions the receiver experiences forgiveness automatically at a subconscious level, but in more stubborn or deeply ingrained cases there will have to be a conscious decision to forgive and let go of the past.

     It is very important to note that it is not appropriate for you to diagnose a person's illness, even if your intuition can sense it.  Firstly, it is not at all necessary for effective treatment.  More importantly it is definitely considered illegal to diagnose unless you are officially a doctor!

      In most situations the ideal is for your healing sessions to accompany orthodox medical treatment.  You may find that medication can be reduced due to healing sessions-but only with a doctor's approval.

     It is also not appropriate for you to promise any specific results of the sessions, as the healing process is always unique and unpredictable.  You can however promise that Reiki definitely benefits everyone who receives it.

      Don't be disappointed if your healing produces no noticeable effect at first.  Ultimately the healing process relies on the receiver forgiving past hurts and letting go of repressed negativity.  The Reiki healing sessions will always be working automatically towards resolving these deeper problems.  Meanwhile the external symptoms will usually be reduced, but sometimes this takes longer and is not an indication that Reiki's inner transformational work is ineffective.

     Occasionally the Reiki sessions may seem to make physical symptoms worse.  This is only temporary and is simply a part of the body's natural healing process as it releases toxins and other accumulated nastiness.  There may also be mental or emotional releases that cause the receiver's usual behavior to alter a little.  Often this is experienced as being more contemplative than usual, but sometimes it can be the opposite-they may become irritated.  This too will only be temporary.  Regardless of these releases, continue with the healing sessions and trust in Reiki.

     Sometimes the receiver will start to tell you about their problems.  It is very important to be non-judgemental.  Be very careful when offering advice.  Usually the best thing you can do is just listen with compassion.

     Occasionally during a healing session the receiver may experience a very deep emotional release which may appear externally as a brief moment of laughing, crying, anger, restlessness, etc.  This will only be temporary and it is not important to analyze it.

      It is your responsibility to remain completely supportive throughout the release.  Let them know that whatever they are feeling is okay, just re-assure them and continue the session when comfortable.  Reiki's intelligence will ensure that you are only presented with these situations when you have more experience and will be ready to handle it.

     Some forms of spiritual healing leave the practitioner feeling drained after giving a healing session.  This will never occur when using Reiki, as you will not be using your personal energy to heal them, but rather you will be channeling universal energy into them to stimulate their own self healing process, which will occur naturally and spontaneously as soon as you place your hands on them with the intent to heal.  The Reiki energy will also protect you against absorbing any of the receiver's disharmonious energy during the healing process.  Occasionally you may tune into the sensations of the receiver, but this will dissipate very quickly.  You will always be protected.