The Solution

     So we will now discuss one of the most important ideas that you can ever learn.  From childhood we are conditioned to believe that we need to be constantly achieving in order to be happy, so the need to achieve is translated into a never-ending list of futire plans and dreams.  All these plans and dreams are your way of placing hope for satisfication in some future event.  You will eventually have to accept that this is a false hope, for external events never bring lasting inner satisfaction.

     So obviously then the only way to achieve true inner satisfaction is not to need anything external then obviously you must already have exactly what you DO need - a mind capable of choosing contentment.  So why wait any longer.  Choose it NOW.  Perhaps you will find that you need to keep reminding yourself that satisfaction is accessible to you right NOW.  Recall this simple fact often in order to firmly implant it in your mind.  It will definitely work for you.  Just remember this:

   I CAN be satisfied with my
situation right NOW

     Now you know that satisfaction is only internal and not related to anything external, life becomes EASY.  To support your new satisfaction, you must stop striving for external goals to be happy.  This does not mean that life becomes dull and you
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