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Vernon Howard Sound Library brought to you by A New Life Foundation
www.superwisdom.com.Collected over a 12 year period, these are descriptions of the higher world from the SuperWisdom Notebooks. They describe the Life that awaits you as you study and apply these advanced teachings. Credit is given to Vernon Howard for the origination of the following ideas.

33 Previews of Your Super Life

by Tom Russell

1. Spiritual Light will begin to take you over. There is nothing anywhere that can stand in your way. And these higher feelings will increase and grow in intensity. Yes, right in the middle of your day, down at the office or at home with the children, higher feelings will start to inspire you. And with these higher feelings, you will want nothing from any other human being on earth.

2. You will know that whatever happens, whatever you do, whatever road you take, that GOOD is going to happen to you, and ONLY GOOD. You know that whatever comes up around the next corner, that it is no problem because through Reality's wisdom and energy, you can handle anything.

3. Gradually, you will begin to cool down, spiritually speaking, until you reach the exact perfect spiritual temperature of 72 degrees. At a certain point, you will enter Reality.

4. As you acquire more and more spiritual light, a wonderful thing will happen by a definite spiritual law. What will happen is that people who are in love with darkness will move away from you. They will want absolutely nothing to do with you. The torment of being unable to pull you back into the mud will be too great for them. They will move away from you and will never want to come near you again. For you remind them of their own darkness.

5. When the dawn comes, everywhere you go it is nice. You still see evil, but because your nature is bright, you are not influenced by what you see.

6. Truth and Happiness are there and nothing is needed on your part to keep it in place. So you relax, you smile, you laugh and you enjoy your day to the fullest. For now you are a receiver of something coming from a Higher World.

7. Picture yourself in a spaceship, moving away from this world to the cosmic world. You look toward the front of the ship. There is a big window and through it you see incredible sights, great stars, and you look in awe at what is happening to you and where you're now going. What you see is Reality as it lights itself up!
This is the intensity of the spiritual journey that begins to unfold after a certain point.

8. The time can come when your inner light is always on, always with you, no matter where you go or what you do. Just like a miner's lighted helmet always turns in the direction that he wants to look,

9. You can have the excitement of knowing that when you wake up in the morning you will learn more about Reality. You will know a Truth today that was hidden from you yesterday, hidden from you by your own unawareness of its presence.

10. Spiritual health makes you healthy in every area. You will be healthier physically, you will rest well at night. Everything will be better as a result of spiritual health.

11. It is possible for you to go through your day, doing business or whatever else you must do, living with the awareness of the Higher World. The Light of Reality will direct your ears and your eyes. All of your senses will be a thousand percent sharper.
12. The spiritual energy from above comes down to earth. It is then used by human beings. But almost everyone uses the energy wrongly, causing enormous pain and tension. The energy is powerful and abundant. If we don't harmonize with it, we allow ourselves to be terrorized by a lack of understanding.

13. There is a power that will tell you exactly what to say and how to act when around any other person. You will know when to speak, when not to speak, what to say and what not to say. There will be no strain, but only quiet relaxation.

14. The spirit has an interesting effect on the body. When living by the spirit you are full of pep.

15. When a man or woman is awake they enter practical thought and when the task is done they return immediately to cosmic awareness.

16. Here is the good news! As one eagle appears a thousand vultures disappear. And what a welcome the eagles extend to you! What a feeling comes over you when you arrive in the Higher World!

17. Eventually Reality enters and stays, never to be "unnoticed" again.

18. Picture yourself sailing away from an old, dusty village. When you are 20 miles out, you can still hear the calls from the village. They want you back. When you're 50 miles out, something different begins to happen. Truth begins to notice you. It notices that you did NOT turn back. And it is here that you start to have a marvelous experience that happens for the next 50,000 miles. All the confusion and inner turmoil is still going on. But there's something else. There's a disappearing of tension and frustration, and the entrance of a wonderful new feeling of inspiration and higherness.

As you continue sailing you become purer and purer. But you take no credit at all for this, for you know it is coming from a very high place.

19. You will feel so good that you never want to leave your own company. You're always pleasant, ALWAYS! Your inner pleasantness reflects itself outwardly at all times and wherever you go, whatever you meet.

20. You will be alert, aware, observant. You will see accidents and problems coming toward you and you will avoid them. Like a wise driver, you will not drive out to meet them.

21. Your life will be one spiritual revelation after another. Just as a scientist gets rightly excited when he is about to make a discovery, so will you be rightly excited as you move from one spiritual insight to the next.

22. More and more as you work with these principles you will experience a falling away. Wrong reactions to other people will fall away. All your secret fears and angers will fall away. You will more and more understand that inwardly, loss is gain.
You will see yourself rising from the earth. You will know that you are being transformed.
23. More and more the spiritual feeling reaches you. You feel something new, something clean, something higher. And you find that the best two words to use in describing this feeling are RELEASE and RELIEF.

24. This new feeling begins to SPIRITUALIZE words for you, so that you really begin to live their meaning. Take the word "love" for example. In previous years the word was all you had. But this new and increasingly powerful feeling begins to reveal to you the state behind the word.

25. A marvelous healing force begins to enter your mind. It happens all by itself.

26. Once you really have a glimpse of Reality, there will be more and more of an opening until the glorious day when you stand in full view of it all.

27. More and more you will see that all you really have to do is spend your day ENJOYING the spiritual realms. They are already present.

28. After awhile, even the body will be different. It won't be seen as this massive, heavy thing we carry around. It will be a body of light and spirit.

29. Sustained attention returns one of the greatest rewards. Once you finally begin to understand, you will know everything about religion, politics, money, all that has a direct connection with your life. You will know precisely what you need to know, for you are living from the SUPREME SOURCE.

30. You will live in a mansion that spans the entire universe! How can you ever again by jealous of anyone? You own everything!

31. One of the great gifts of the spiritual life is the ability to be 100% FINAL. You have the ability to drop anything at anytime and no longer carry it with you. Your decisions are final, your life is final. You no longer carry around a bundle of yesterday's newspapers. FINALITY IS FREEDOM.

32. You can always be at the spiritual banquet. You don't have to ever go away, but can be there all the time. And the spiritual waiter will keep bringing you more and more delicious steaming dishes. There is no end to it. You see, presently you cannot conceive of a never ending abundance. But that is what the spiritual life is.

33. The day will come when you crack through the ceiling and the Light from the Spiritual World floods in. As this happens, it will feel so good that you will want to triple your efforts to clear away the ceiling so that more Light can break through.

copyright © 1998 by Tom Russell

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