The Basics of the Spiritual Path
A Monograph
James B. Mann
Enlightened Enterprises
1996 - B
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Table of Contents
Introduction        1
Kundalini      1
Bliss          2
Visions and Images       2
Awareness Of The Divine  2
All You Ever Wanted 3
Purity, Integration, and the Expansion of the Mind     3
Intuitional Knowledge    4
Mystical Powers     4
Love and Protection      4
Perils Of  A Kundalini Awakening   5
Awakening the Kundalini  8
Natural Method 8
Artificial Method   10

Riding The Kundalini     11

Postlog   12
About the Author    13

Products Offered By Enlightened Enterprises  14
Awakening Mind 1    14
Awakening Mind 2    15

For centuries stretching back into the dim corridors of time, asian religions have spoken of a
mystical force called the kundalini.  Knowledge of how to awaken the kundalini, what it
does, and what to do after its awakening was a closely guarded secret among spiritual
masters of the east.  

Those spiritual masters had very good reasons for keeping secret their knowledge of this
power; it is very easy to hurt yourself very badly with this energy.  This monograph records
my understanding of the spiritual path based upon my life experiences with kundalini

This treatise has become necessary in general because of the increased interest in the
kundalini and use of sound and light machines which are capable of awakening the
kundalini.  In specific, this treatise is necessary because of the Enlightenment light and
sound session I have created and recorded in the manual Awakening Mind 1.