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Attunement Process

Note To the Student:
For distance attunements please read the page below to get the understanding and sense of the idea to visualize this process being done unto you.  The impact is very important for the beginning Level 1.  As we go through these , we will set times for these attunements.  The diagrams of the symbols have been left out "INTENTIONALLY" even if you were being attuned in person you would still not see them and they are of no value unless a Master has given them to you.

1)     The process starts with the receiver sitting on a chair and you standing behind them.  Ask the receiver to hold their hands at chest level as if in prayer, and let them know that during the process you will be holding their hands and moving them into other positions.  Then ask them to close their eyes.  Take a few moments to center yourself.  You can pray that the attunement process is carried out perfectly with the help of the Source.  Focus briefly on the level of attunement you are about top commence (ie first, second or Master).  Relax and take a few deep breaths.

2)     Take a deep breath and hold it until the end of this step.  With both hands, make a motion as if opening up and spreading apart the crown of their head.  Simultaneously visualize or imagine that this is opening up their spiritual aura, in preparation for you to place symbols inside.  Draw DAI-KO-MYO over their crown with your palm downwards, imaging the symbol to be violet.  Reach forward over their shoulders and hold your hands around their hands, and blow slowly but forcefully into their crown as if sending the symbol into their head.

3)      Take another deep breath and hold it.  Draw with your palm downwards CHO-KU-REI then SEI-HE-KI then HON-SHA-ZE-SHO-NEN over their crown in violet.  Hold their hands and blow again as before.

4)       Take another deep breath and hold it.  Move around to the front of the receiver, and gently move their hands down, flat on their lap with palms upwards.  Draw CHO-KU-REI over their palms.  Then gently tap the palm of both your hands against the palms of the receiver's hands three times and blow forcefully towards their hands as if sending the symbol in.

5)      Repeat the above step for SEI-HE-KI.
          Then for HON-SHA-ZE-SHO-NEN.
           Then for DAI-KO-MYO.

6)      Take another deep breath and hold it in.  Take the receiver's hands and move them back into prayer position at chest level.  Hold your hands around their hands.  Blow forcefully towards around their hands. Blow forcefully towards the ground then slowly all the way up to their heart.  (This is to awaken and purify the central energy channel within the body).

7)      Take another deep breath and hold it in.  Move around to the back of the receiver.  Make a motion with both of your hands as if closing up the aura over their whole body (see diagram).  Repeat this a couple of times.  Now finish the procedure by drawing RAKU from their head, down along their spine, and down to the ground, simultaneously releasing the breath.

8)     Inform the receiver that the process is complete, and that they should sit still for a few minutes before arising.

Close the Aura

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