It seems the greatest problem in many people's lives is a deep sense of depression and hopelessness.  In Western society almost everyone seems to be suffering from this in some way.  Some people experience it frequently, others only occasionally.  Those who don't seem to experience it all are often just bottling it up, refusing to accept their inner-most feelings.  The root causes of all this depression is that our lives seem to lack true purpose.  We have a deep inner knowing that there is more to life than what most of us are experiencing.  But the mystical, elusive Meaning of Life appears as a far distant concept.  We feel totally hopelessness to find it.  So we live our lives with that vague but very real sense of discontent ever-present.

     We try to cover it up with dreams of material success, but we know deep inside that no level of attainment can bring lasting happiness.  We look at the rich and famous, the wealthy and successful, and see that most often even they are not satisfied.  But we try to fool ourselves- "If I was them, I would be different, I would be totally happy."  Even the people who seem to be looking after themselves, who live simply and are generally happy and enjoying life, still have the same inner feeling of emptiness.

      Most often we surround ourselves with as many luxuries as we can afford to distract us from our inner emptiness.  But every time we get something new, the satisfaction is only temporary and we move our hope for happiness onto some future event.  And we also know that when we die, we won't take those luxuries with us.

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