Hawayo Takata
Grand Master

"REIKI is Wisdom and Truth"-HawayoTakato
December, 1900  December, 1980
As told by Hawayo Takata, Taped, 1979
Edited by Reiki Master Dr. Barbara Weber Ray.

"Hawayo Takata was born in the Hawaiian Islands, one of several children of a plantation worker.
She was named "Hawayo" in honor of the entire Island group.  Although born of Japanese parents,
Hawayo was entitled to U.S. citizenship due to the place of her birth.

She recalled having worked in the cane fields as a small child and she remembered having gone only
to the second or third grade.  Then she was asked to work in the main plantation house.

Through the years, she was given increased duties and eventually was put in charge of the other
household staff

She married the family accountant, a young man also of Japanese descent.  In his late twenties her
husband died of a heart attack.  Hawayo was left with two young daughters.  In the mid-1930's with
failing health, she took her children and went to her parents' home in Japan "to prepare to die".  Her
physical health had been draining her energy.  She was suffering from lung problems, heart problems,
stomach disorders and a bad gall bladder.

At her parent's, she was able to rest and after a few months prepared to under go surgery.
However, just before the scheduled operation was about to begin she heard her husband's voice
saying emphatically, "No surgery, No surgery."  She noted that only a few times throughout her entire
life, in very important matters she would hear her husband's voice-this was one of those crucial
times.  Immediately, she refused surgery.  Her doctor then referred her to a Reiki natural healing
clinic in Tokyo.

On a daily basis, Mrs. Takata received a complete Reiki treatment at this clinic.  After approximately
eight months, her health was fully restored.  In addition, this experience with the power of Reiki
transformed her life.  She desired to learn Reiki in order to help others.  At first she was told that she
could not learn Reiki- she was a woman and not a citizen of Japan.  However, she continued helping
out with chores and errands at the Reiki clinic and soon was taught First and Second Degree Reiki.
In about 1938, Takata returned with her daughters to her home of Hawaii.  Before 1940 she was trained
by Dr. Hyashi as a Reiki Master.

For many Years, Takata traveled in the Islands teaching Reiki and giving treatments.  Not until in her
seventies did she train anyone as a Reiki Master."

Barbara Weber Ray met Mrs. Takata in August, 1978.  Weber was trained and initiated as a Reiki
Master.  Mrs. Takata spent several months with Weber giving her in-depth training in the system of Reiki, including the method for initiating a full Reiki Master.

In December, 1980, Mrs. Hawayo Takata made her transition.  It was her desire to share and heal that
brought Reiki, as we know it, to the West.

"Indicates excerpt is taken from the Official Reiki Handbook, published by the American-International
Reiki Assoc.,Inc.