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  Introduction to Reiki                

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is the Japanese word for the Universal Life Energy that Permeates and sustains our entire world.  There is an infinite source of this energy, creating and supporting all of us, the animals, the planets, plus a whole lot more that is unseen by us.  This one uniting energy has been used by many cultures in a variety of ways, for example Tai Chi, Acupuncture and Yoga.  Forms of the Reiki healing system have been used throughout Japan, Tibet, India and other countries since ancient times.  It was Mikao Usui in the mid-twentieth century who re-introduced this ancient healing system in Japan, and now it is becoming increasingly widespread all around the world.

     Reiki is a completely natural healing method, accelerating the body, mind and spirit's healing process.  Reiki healing sessions naturally encourage holisitic health and well-being, balance, purpose and spiritual harmony in yourself and others.

     Reiki energy is directly connected to the source of our universe and our being, and so is completely linked with Universal Intelligence.  This intelligence allows it to focus on the most needed areas of healing completely automatically, thereby suiting the needs of the receiver in the very best way.

     During the healing sessions you will be placing your hands on the receiver according to traditional methods, but you will not actually be directing the energy to areas within the body.  The Reiki energy directs itself to the correct areas, both the exterior bodily symptoms and also the deeper root causes that may exist in the mental, emotional and spiritual connections.

     For example the symptom may be a headache but the cause may be stress from a current situation in life.  In this case the Reiki would not only help the receiver to release the pain and tension, but also it would help them recognize ways of resolving the stressful situation.  In this way, Reiki a completely transformational method of deep healing.

     During the healing, both you and the receiver may feel sensations of heat, cold, vibration, tingling, etc.  Sometimes the healer may experience opposites, for example the healer may experience feelings of heat while the receiver experiencncompass the entire mindold.

      Other times there will be no experiences at all.  Whether or not any sensations are experienced during the healing session, you can rest assured that the energy has flowed correctly and effectively.  This is one of the amazing and beautiful gifts of using Reiki, due to it's intelligence you can always be sure that the session has been very beneficial to the receiver.

     Reiki passes easily through absolutely anything, so it is unnecessary to remove any clothing during the healing session.  This can also be useful when energy is to be passed through plaster casts, and any other obstacles to direct hand contact.

     The receiver doesn't  need a problem to be eligible for a Reiki session-it's great for relaxtion and overall health and well-being.  The vast benefits of regular Reiki sessions are innumerable and completely encompass the entire mind/body/spirit connection, greatly increasing the quality of life in every aspect.

     Both the healer and the receiver simultaneously benefit from the healing session.  The more Reiki sessions you give, the more natural harmony you will experience in your own life.  You can even give Reiki sessions to plants and animals.

     Unlike other spiritual healing methods, Reiki sessions should always involve NO effort from the healer to send or direct energy.  This ensures that the energy uses it's own intelligence to guide itself.  After you have been attuned to Reiki, healing energy will naturally begin to flow as soon as you place your hands on anyone or anything AND have the INTENT to heal.  It will flow completely automatically and always with positive and beneficial effects.

     If you start concentrating on sending or directing energy, it will reduce the optimal flow.  Greatest success will occur just by allowing it to work by itself.  Always remain relaxed and detached from the process.

     It is important to remember that with Rieki there is nothing you can do wrong.  Reiki will take care of everything.  Relax and enjoy!  Trust in Reiki.