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Hand Positions for Reiki
1) Hands resting on eyes
2) Hands resting over ears

3) Hands on back of head
4) Hands on throat area

5) hands over heart area
6) Hands over solar plexus area
7) Hands on naval area (also covers spleen)

8) Hands on hip areas
9) Hands over the root chakra

10) Hands on one leg at a time                                 (Do both legs)
11) Hand over bottom of each foot

Above Diagrams were rescanned from the Essential Reiki by Diane Stein,
copyright@Diane Stein with permission as stated from enclosed book to use for our healing modualitites. Namaste, Light&Love

Essential Reiki
Diane Stein / Paperback / 158 pages / 1995

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Item Number: 480152
ISBN: 0895947366
Author: Diane Stein
Publisher: Crossing Press, Incorporated, The
Format: Paperback

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Reiki is not meant to replace professional medical care, but rather serves to compliment orthodox medicine. Be sure to use appropriate medical care for any physical or emotional problems you have may.