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     All those years of hard work, all the years of enduring long days filled with anxiety and stress, so that you could eventually drive a nice car, live in a nice house, have a nive TV, etc.  Of course you could only appreciate those luxuries in the small amount of time off from work, and not during illness, in between moments of pain caused by personal problems, relationships, financial difficulties, loss of loved ones, and all the rest of life's ceaseless string of disturbing events and traumatics experiences...
Then your own time of death arrives - were the few moments of luxury worth a lifetime of hardship?

       Life doesn't have to be like that, there is a solution.  If you really want to make the effort to understand and act on the principles in this book, then a whole of living life is in store for you, a life of True Success, True Satisfaction, and True Freedom.  Or you can keep living in depression, hopelessness, anxiety, doubt, discontent, suffering, and emptiness.

                     The Choice is Yours.

     The sooner you dedicate yourself to this process, the sooner you will find true happiness, lasting satisfaction, and the real purpose of your life.
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