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Reiki is not meant to replace professional medical care, but rather serves to compliment orthodox medicine. Be sure to use appropriate medical care for any physical or emotional problems you have may.


An Introduction to Energy

REIKI is an ancient Tibetan system or experience that assists you in accepting, recognizing and using Cosmic Energy.  This in itself is a definition of REIKI.

The purpose of this introduction is to let you become aware of the art developed as REIKI.

The recognition process is facilitated by a series of four attunements.  These are given by a certified REIKI Master, or one who has completed Level III.

A Traditional REIKI Master in the USUI System is an independent teacher of REIKI,  whom,  presents the material in a pure, direct spiritual fashion.
REIKI is viewed as a vital tool for personal and planetary transformation.  The only requirement asked of the students is a sincere desire to assist in this process by willingly acting as a channel for REIKI.  All Students are respected, as  the teacher within each student is honored.

Reading  any text, will not give you the ability to channel the Reiki energy. You must have Reiki Attunement(s) by a Reiki Master Teacher to use the Reiki energy. In addition, you can not represent yourself as a "Reiki Practitioner" until you have received training and certification from a qualified Reiki Master Teacher.

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May the Peace of the Creator burn in your Heart.

Light In The Darkness

As this candle is carried from one site to another, the flame of spiritual love and healing continues to light the way for those who seek to know the true self. Take this light with you to your page that it may light the way to love and healing. Watch as it travels from one place to another and in so doing it embraces our world with hope.

Peace, Love and Light !