Possible Deeper Causes of Illness

       Accidents                          -expression of frustration / anger
                                              rebellion message to 'wake up'-
                                              increase awareness

Anorexia /                           -self-hate / denial of support from the world               

Arms                                   -ability to embrace / joints holding old emotions

Arthritis                                -regular criticism of self and others
                                              perfectionism / inflexible viewpoints

Asthma                                -inferiority complex / guilt complex
                                              inability to give and take fully in life

Back                                    -not feeling supported / guilt / worry

Blood                                   -lack of joy

Breasts                               -motherly issues

Burns / Boils /                     -anger / frustration
Fevers / Sores

Cancer                               -deep resentment / distrust / self-pity /
                                             hopelessness / depression

Constipation                      -inability to let go, concern over losing things

Diarrhea                             -fear of holding on

Diabetes                            -inability to absorb the sweetness in life

Ears                                    -not wanting to accept what is being heard

Eyes                                    -not wanting to accept what is being seen

Feet                                    -trouble moving

Genitals                             -sexual issues / denial of sexuality / self-disgust
                                             fear / guilt / "sex is dity, bodies are unclean"

Hands                                -holding on (money, relationships etc.)

Head                                 -something radically wrong with thoughts and
                                            belief system / problem with self-image

Headaches                       -ignoring own self and needs

Heart                                 -problems with love (of self, others, life etc)

Knees                                -inflexibility / pride / ego / stubbornness
                                            fear of change / self-righteousness

Legs                                   -fear or reluctance to move forward

Lungs                                 -inability to give and take fully in life

Migraines                          -perfectionism, frustration, anger

Neck                                  -inflexibility

Overweight                       -insecurity, over-emotional, needing protection

Pain                                   -feeling guilty so seeking punishment

Sinus                                 -irritated by someone or something

Skin                                   -threatened individuality / need self-nurturing

Smoking                           -inferiority / denial of life

Stiffness                           -inflexibility / fear / resistance to change

Stomach                          - inability to digest ideas and experiences / fear

Strokes                            -negative thinking / stopping of joy /
                                           being forced to change direction

Swelling                           -stagnated thinking / bottled up emotion
                                           feeling trapped

Throat                               -fear of change / inability to speak up /
                                           frustrated creativity / anger

Tumours                           -false growth / tormenting old hurt /
                                           not allowing healing

Ulcers                               -fear / lack of self-worth / stress

Varicose Veins                -not enjoying position in life    




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