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           The Truth

     The soul is here on this planet to learn.  It learns through experience.  Every part of life, from the standard daily activities to the totally unexpected dramas, are being experienced by you for your soul to learn.  Every single experience, every situation, every difficulty, every accomplishment, every work duty, every activity, it is all being experienced purely for spiritual advancement.
Please re-read that last sentence - it is very important to understand it's far-reaching consequences.

     There is nothing you can do in life without affecting your spiritual advancemnt. Most people are unaware that they are already actively travelling on their spiritual journey and have been since birth.  Reading this will help you walk along your spiritual path with the consciousness awareness that your actions are constantly working towards your spiritual progress.

     If you live in accordance with your soul's harmonious nature, then the learning process of life will be made easier, and life becomes meaningful.  At present you are very often unconsciously conflicting with the natural harmony of your soul, thereby seperating yourself from it and causing you to live in the confusion of purely materialistic existence.  By following the ideals outlined here you will definitely find the complete inner satisfaction of living in accordance with your true purposes, thereby reconnecting with the harmony of your soul.
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