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April 27th, 2001 / The night before the 2nd Grid Expansion
of Brahma Satya Reiki The World's Most Unique Healing Powered Grid founded by Deepak Hardikar, next global grid expansion to take place Aug. 15th, 2001 on Dr. Mikao Usui's Birthday.

I was attuned to Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Reiki Master via the Internet by Paul of Australia into this most beautiful Healing System of St. Germain of the Violet Flame.

Copyright@Castle Trash

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves,
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that
Other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us,; its in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously
Give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

Nelson Mandela

Before A Healing Session

"Mother/Father God
I Am One With You
I Am an Instrument of Your Will"

Invoking The Violet Flame

"I Am a being of Silver Violet Fire
I am the purity God desires
I Am that I Am"


Reiki is a gift from God and myself, Germain. It is not only a system of healing it is a way of accelerating your own spiritual growth.  A lot more information has been added to the method as taught by Dr. Usui. This is why I call it the Shamballa method. Once you have been introduced to the Reiki Ray, you stay attuned forever. You have all been attuned to the Reiki Ray in previous lives, and now you have come in order to have your memory triggered. By using the Shamballa Method on yourself and others, you will become en-lightened. Most of the Atlantean system has been lost for thousands of years. I am now starting to incarnate it again. The Earth is changing, and has made a decision to become whole. She will do this with, or without you. You can help her with her healing and the healing of her inhabitants. This will make the transition a smooth one. Use the gift I have given you to bring her and yourself into wholeness. There is no need for traumatic events on your planet if you just walk into the Light. This walk in the light will bring you freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from disease, and freedom from death. You can, if you choose to be, immortal. Your body will turn into light. This is your birthright, so take your Freedom and become whole. I am forever in your service.

                         I am The Ascended Master Germain.

16 March 1996.


The art of laying on of hands is as old as the hills. People have been doing since the beginning of time.  It is a natural instinct to put your hands on somebody who has been injured or is not well. Mother are one example of this. When a child is hurt mothers often put their hands on the injured spot. Human touch conveys healing care and love. This energy is known by many names. Chi in China. Prana in India. Ruach by the Hebrew and Reiki by the Japanese.

This energy is the natural energy used by Reiki practitioners. The Reiki healer has access to this energy in a more powerful way because the attunement he or she receives clears the blockages from the body's energy channels. The attunements also give as increase in the healer's own life energies, and connect the person to the source of Reiki. This source could be called anything the healer pleases, the Goddess energy, God, the first source etc. Reiki is not connected to any religion so please call it what you like.  I personally like to call this source Mother/Father God.

The process of attunement is not a healing session. The attunement creates the healer after the first initiation, which comprises of four attunements.  This is known as Reiki I. The person has received a magical gift from the Source. After receiving Reiki I all you have to do is place your hands on yourself or someone else and the Reiki energy will flow.

When you start to practice you may experience things that you may not have seen or felt before. Some feel more then others. Some feel nothing, but nevertheless are still channelling the energy. Heat may be felt in the hands. It is like plugging into the mains. Every time you lay hands on yourself or someone else the energy is there.

Reiki is not only for those who wish to become healing practitioners, it is also for people who wants to become whole themselves. The Reiki attunements make it possible for you to heal yourself, both physically and spiritually. It is a very useful way to break habits and addictions, to heal yourself on a mental and emotional level. People who suffer ill health and mental imbalance should have Reiki attunements. Self healing is made easy by using the hand positions taught later in this course. These positions are used for healing others as well. After receiving your attunements it is a good idea to do a self healing session daily, and if possible practice on others. This helps you to "settle" into the energy and become used to it. This takes about one month.

Using Reiki to heal one problem often leads to the healing of other problems. Pain is often felt in a completely different place in the body then the point of disease. For instance, headaches are often caused by emotional stress. Healing the headache also heals the emotions. We should know as Reiki practitioners that most of the disease we suffer in the physical has its source in the emotional and mental bodies. If we root out the cause, the effect simply goes away. As healers we should encourage people to talk. By doing this, we can help them to discover the source of their disease. We might hear some terrible stories buy we should not react to them. We should transmute the energy of fear into love, by being love ourselves. This really means that we give loving support to them. By allowing the healee to go through the process we allow them to find out what is wrong. This may even be from past lives. If a person starts to get emotional and you are not experienced in dealing with this, just ask the Reiki guides to help you. Stay calm and the universe will look after you. Know that after the release the healee will have grown a lot. Another thing to realise as a Reiki healer is that it is not always possible to heal people, because the diseases they suffer from might be part of their soul's purpose in this life. If this is the case and death takes place, know that death is also a healing release. Death is usually a lot less traumatic then being born! Modern societies tend to deny the fact that death happens everywhere. They think that if they deny it, it won't happen. Death happens everywhere, everyday. You must realise that it is merely a transition. In this age death can be avoided by the ascension process. This is the process of becoming light and being able to stay away and conscious through dimensional change. The author of this work also facilitates workshops on this subject. (see also suggested reading list).

Sometimes it happens that people block the healing. This usually occurs when they don't believe in it. You must always first seek their permission to heal and this will usually mean that they are open to it. But it could also be that they are feeling a little apprehensive, in which case loving perseverance will soon release the block. Remember it is up to the healee to chose whether or not they become whole.

Reiki relaxes and rejuvenates. Some would say that Reiki cannot replace missing limbs, or right congenital birth defects. I say that this is limiting the system. If it is not the souls choice to suffer this, in this life, I say that we can with the help of the source achieve anything. The seed blueprint for creation is wholeness and wholeness is love. Reiki is love, so don't limit yourself. Do every healing with the result firmly in your mind. This result of course is wholeness in accordance with divine will, you will find that you can facilitate the healing of anything, even those that are usually described as terminal.

Don't worry that you may take on the disease of others, because if you work with the Reiki guides and the source, this will not happen. The more healing that you do, the more healed you yourself become. Stick with the principals of Reiki and don't interfere with the religion or beliefs of others, and step into service with love. Allow yourself to let go and let the Reiki energy do the rest. Allow the magic into your life and become one with the Source. The more you let go, the more it will flow.

Age is no barrier with Reiki. Infants benefit from the attunement and it starts their life on a path of service. Senior members of society benefit from being able to heal themselves and others. Reiki is not only for those that want to heal others, it is for everybody. Being attuned to the source brings wholeness.

Suggested reading: The following books are written by Joshua David Stone, Ph. D.

The complete Ascension  Manual Book 1
Soul psychology                                                        Hidden mysteries
Beyond Ascension                                                     The Ascended Masters light the way

Obtainable from Light Technology Publishing, PO Box 1526, Sedona, AZ 86339 (520) 282-6523

For the Required Information
to Assist in Learning
goto:Mahatma ( I AM THAT I AM)


The Healing Room

Try to set up your room so that you have a healing couch or bed that is the right height, i.e. so that you can sit or stand without having to bend or stretch. This will help you do your Shamballa healing without stress on your body. The room should be decorated on soft blues, purples or pinks. This helps the healee to feel relaxed. This does not mean that you cannot do your Shamballa healing without a special room, but it helps. Shamballa healing can be done anywhere, anytime, on trains, planes, buses or in the street.

The healee should keep their cloths on during the session, with the exception of shoes, but it can often help to loosen tight garments. The healer should wear loose, comfortable cloths. The healee may feel chilled during the session, so keep a light cover handy.

Self Healing

It is important to use your Shamballa regularly, preferably daily, after you have received your first attunements. If you don't have anybody to practice on, practice on yourself. Using Shamballa on yourself is as good as somebody else doing a session on you. Later in this section there is a chart of hand positions for self-healing. These positions may also be used for the healing of others. I recommend that when you first start to use this Shamballa system, you use all the hand positions. As you get more practised, you may use your own intuition and the Shamballa guides to help you decide which ones to use and which ones not to use in any given situation. Whole body treatment is better if time permits.

Using the Shamballa system on yourself on a daily basis puts you in touch with yourself and your emotions. It makes it easier to deal with them. Remember that fear is a lack of trust in the source, and results in a feeling of separation. Getting connected with the source allows truth, beauty, harmony, love and abundance of life. When you put your hands on yourself and think, "Shamballa on", even before you have been given your symbols and been trained how to use them, the Shamballa energy will flow. Very little intent is needed when doing Shamballa healing. Some people may be able to focus better then others. People with less focus should not worry that they are not working properly. With practice, you will become more focused. Becoming aware of drawing the Shamballa energy into yourself with your in-breath, and directing it through your hands into the healee with the out-breath, will often assist with this focus. Other visualisations such as feeling a beam of light enter in through your crown chakra and out through your hands and heart chakra may also help. Whatever works is the right one for you. So it is the same old thing again, practice makes perfect.

The Healing Contract

When working on others, it is first necessary to explain to the healee that some effort is required on their part. This I would refer to as the healing contract. The ideal situation is three sessions in a row. This does not have to be on three consecutive days, but as short a period as possible between the sessions is preferable. A person reaches peak health because they are being re-aligned with the source. If a person is not willing to make a commitment, it is better not to start at all. Treating people in a whilly-nilly way can create more harm than good. You also need a commitment from the healee to become whole. Without that, there is no point starting. Tell them that by becoming love they will become whole.

Another very good way of empowering yourself as a healing facilitor, and ensuring that things only happen totally in accordance with divine will, is to use the affirmation:

Mother Father God
I Am One with You.
I Am an Instrument of Your Will.

Use this before every healing session, or as an affirmation in your daily life, and you will soon find that things are accelerating for you in the healing modalities. By using this affirmation, you relinquish all responsibility and hopes, etc. That you may have during the healing. It makes a great difference to the outcome if you surrender the results to Divine will. This also takes a lot of strain off of you, too, because you are not interfering with the process that the healee is going through. Some ones needs to go through these various healing processes as learning scenarios. We as facilitators can help them go through these processes quickly.

Reiki assists us to balance our physical energy and emotional bodies, and those of the people we work with. You will notice that the Reiki hand positions are designed to channel energy to all of our organs, glands, and associate chakras.


HEART: Our heart is the muscular pump of the vascular system. It has four chambers: the two on the right related to the lungs, and the two on the left related to the rest of the body. Our heart takes deoxygenated blood into the right side, pumps it through the lungs, and returns the oxygenated blood to the left side and to the rest of the body.

Stored emotional blockages: Heartaches, heartbreak, grief, loss, fear, sadness, rejection, hurt. Holding back out of fear of being alive or fear of dying, blockage of love, imbalance of giving or receiving.

LUNGS: Our lungs bring air into a place where it can be absorbed by our blood, and takes undesired gasses from the blood and releases them to the outside world.

Stored emotional blockages: Asthma related to anger, fear, low energy, coughing up pain.

STOMACH: Our stomach stores undigested food and starts the digestion process, preparing out food for treatment by the small intestine.

Stored emotional blockages: Place where all things swallowed go to be digested... such as old rules, ideas from family, peers, teachers, ministers, doctors etc. Ulcer is anger eating away at one's gut, butterflies in the stomach are anxiety, indigestion of old thoughts, feelings, ideas that don't fit anymore into one's life, fear of change and disapproval.

SMALL INTESTINE: Our small intestine fills our abdominal cavity and it framed by the large intestine. It receives partially digested food from the stomach and uses secretions from the pancreas and liver (via the gall bladder) to further break down food. It is responsible for all digestion of nutrients, including vitamins.

LARGE INTESTINE: Our large intestine absorbs water, vitamins, and minerals. It includes our appendix (lower right side), goes right up our right side, across at about our waist, and down our left side.

Stored emotional blockages in the abdomen: Hara centre, stored place for unexpressed feelings of fear/anger, unresolved situations relating to anger/fear/guilt. Where information from the computer centre in head goes if it isn't cleared.

LIVER: The liver is our largest organ. It is responsible for a multitude of chemicals and changes. Blood brings nutrients into the liver. It converts carbohydrates into fat and proteins. It makes cholesterol, stores vitamins A. D. B12 and iron. Removes toxic substances from the blood.

Stored emotional blockages: Anger/fear storage over long periods of time.

GALLBLADDER: The gallbladder lies just under the liver. It stores bile that is secreted to the beginning of the small intestine. Bile helps digest fats by making them soluble in water so enzymes can act on them.

Stored emotional blockages: Anger gone over to bitterness.

PANCREAS: The pancreas excretes enzymes that enter the small intestine and help with the breakdown of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The pancreas makes insulin. It is considered a gland and is regulated by hormones.

Stored emotional blockages: Sweetness gone out of life, spark, spice, sparkle, zest mission. Being too nice/sugary etc.

SPLEEN: The spleen is lymphatic organ. It filters our blood, and is active in the immune system.
Stored emotional blockages: Storage of unfinished business with past relationships. Could relate to death of a person, job, lifestyle, which have created strings with the past.

KIDNEYS: The kidney work to maintain the electrical, chemical, and concentration balances and integrity of the body water. They maintain the body water volume, process blood plasma, and maintain the acid-base balance in our bodies.

Stored emotional blockages in adrenals/kidneys: Shock/trauma centre of the body. Over activity of sympathetic nervous system, adrenaline rushes, healing of entire auto-immune system. Always treat this position for shock, trauma, illness, surgery, emotional imbalances, stress of any kind, allergies, low energy and fear response.


PITUITARY: The pituitary and pineal glands are related to the bodies metabolism. They secrete hormones that cause other secretions in other parts of the body.

PINEAL: (hypothalamus): The pineal gland can secrete hormones to create oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, and also regulate the thyroid, bone, skin, adrenals, milk production in mothers, and water conservation.

THYROID: The thyroid increases oxygen consumption in our tissues and thereby  fuels and maintains metabolic activity.

THYMUS: The thymus is part of the lymphatic system. It can produce "T" lymphocytes that attack protein of certain tumour cells. It atrophies as we age.

ADRENALS: Our adrenals secrete a hormone that breaks down starch and fatty acids, and stimulates our metabolism. The adrenals are responsible for "fight or flight" responses that can result in dilated pupils, increased heart rate, nervous activity and breathing.

OVARIES, TESTES: The ovaries develop female germ cells (eggs) and female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. The testes develop sperm and the male hormone testosterone.


HEAD: Seat of our computer centre for the body. Place that we create all that is going on in our lives. Important to treat to keep in balance so we put our lives in order on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. NB. Headaches are often withheld feelings causing imbalances as we try to figure out why things aren't the way we would like them to be... can be accompanied by unshed tears, anger, confusion, too much analysing.

EYES: Relate to inner seeing, feeling and hearing. (Third eye or psychic centre development). Not being seen by others, not seeing what others want, not wanting to see what's right in front of our noses (far sightedness) or what's going on out there (near sightedness). Connect to the sinus passage where stored tears are held. Also directly connected to the ovaries and uterus of women and to the prostate gland and testicles of men.

EARS: Hearing others, being heard by others, blocking out what we don't or didn't want to hear. Also related to high blood pressure, balance and clarity.

THROAT: Speaking out, expressing oneself verbally, throat blockages caused by choking on ideas or words, thoughts or beliefs. Not saying what needs to be said, talking too much, feeling gagged.

NECK: Related to shoulders carrying burdens and responsibility. A stiff-necked point of view, sticking one's neck out, to do with support, rigidity in thinking etc.

INTESTINAL TRACT: Constipation/ holding feelings in, usually anger and fear as well as guilt. Colitis/ diarrhea is letting go of old feelings, thoughts, and ideas without actually dealing with them.

OVARIES/UTERUS: Storage of anger with men, issues about birth, abortion, miscarriage, rape, incest, abuse, fear/guilt/anger about sexuality.

BLADDER: Stored anger/pissed off. Often related around fear/guilt around sexuality.

PROSTRATES: Sexual guilt, anger with woman, powerlessness, helplessness, issues with birth, incest, sexual abuse.

HIPS: Support system, something to kick about, often stored anger/fear, which can create fat barrier. Too vulnerable or unprotected shows in thinness.

KNEES: Flexibility in thinking, support (left knee internal emotional support, right knee external support such as job, money, friends etc.) Support from mother on left, father on right. Parents with reversed roles will find similar reversals in knees.

ANKLES: Understanding, related to thinking, analysing, the word why.

FEET: What we stand for, can't stand. Standing up for ourselves or others, setting standards, being soulful. Feet contain points for all other parts of the body. Also represents our grounding in life.
SHOULDERS: Right: Burdens and responsibilities carried for the family, business, world, others etc. Left: internal emotional burdens/responsibilities of our own lives, spiritual/emotional/mental growth. Guilt.

UPPERBACK: Right: Stored anger, giving too much, storage of little anger such as irritation, being a bit upset, striking out or striking back, holding back or holding out. Defending oneself by being imbalanced with giving/receiving. Left: stored sadness, grief, sorrow, loss, guilt. Occasionally represents too much receiving, not enough giving.

LOWERBACK: Storage of anger, held feelings, sexual stress, barriers against opposite sex, sexual abuse.

TAILBONE: Has to do with survival, kundalini activation, fear of success, fear of aliveness, fear of action.

What is Shamballa Reiki?
Shamballa is sacred community. It is a way of perceiving, living and being based on the understanding of the interconnectedness that is life. Although it is taught as a form of hands-on healing, it is actually much more than that. It is healing for the Soul and community. Healing is defined here as realising your wholeness, your Soul/Divine/Enlightened Self. In the process, many people find healing of body/mind/emotions.

What makes Shamballa so powerful is its blend of energies. It combines the energies of Reiki with those of Mahatma (for living your Divinity/ Enlightenment), Christ Consciousness (unconditional love), and Ascended Masters (integrating your multi-dimensional aspects). If you are on a spiritual path, wish to develop your intuition, or are interested in lightwork/ planetary service, Shamballa is a wonderful tool to facilitate the process. Since it is taught as a hands-on form of energy healing, it allows a person to feel and know the process from direct experience. This adds a depth and richness to the reading and study of community and wholeness. With Shamballa you get to feel it and be it.

As a tool for personal empowerment, the intent is for Shamballa to be passed on by instruction to as many people as possible so that we may form community and wholeness together from the Oneheart. Therefore it is designed to be easy to learn and to use. Even young children can learn Shamballa. And Shamballa healing sessions can be offered to other people, animals, and the Earth. A complete session usually takes only a few minutes. You can easily offer Shamballa to friends and family even if they are not interested in spiritual growth. It is an excellent healing energy for a range of health issues, physical and emotional. Plus it can be helpful for stress reduction, releasing addictions and getting a good night's sleep.

That above information was channeled by Hari Das Melchizedek, the channel who brought through the Shamballa information, from St. Germaine. Some people think of Shamballa as Reiki, others prefer to think of it as Multi-Dimensional Healing. You will hear some people call it the "next step in Reiki." This refers, I think, to the fact that Shamballa is focused on helping us use our light that comes from an awareness of who we truly are, and weave together a community of unconditional love, one person at a time.
How to Offer a Shamballa Healing Session

First a few things you need to know before you offer a session:

There is absolutely no way you can ever do a Shamballa session incorrectly. It is totally foolproof, so relax and enjoy the process.
There are no hand positions to memorise, no information you need to study.
A session usually takes under 10 minutes.
There is absolutely no way you can ever do a Shamballa session incorrectly. It is totally foolproof, so relax and enjoy the process!!!! Even if you forget everything else written here, do not worry. It will work anyway. When you offer Shamballa, you are helping a person open to who they already are deep inside. That is all you are doing. Since they are already who they are, you are just assisting in bringing that recognition forward.
The process of offering a session for yourself is the same as how you offer it to others.

To offer a Session in person

Have the person sit comfortable in a chair or if you have a Massage/Reiki table they can lie down. If you wish for the person to lie down, a bed is just fine provided you are comfortable. When you put your hands on someone you are sitting and leaning over them. Even if it is only for a few minutes, you can become uncomfortable reaching for that long. You do not have to be a martyr to offer Shamballa. Make yourself comfortable too.
When the person is ready, take a moment to centre and ground yourself. This puts you in the frame of mind of peace and service. Some people like to call in their guides, angels or say a prayer either out loud or silently. I usually ask for the session to be for the highest good of the person.

Put your hands on the person. If they have mentioned an ache/pain or part of their body that needs healing, put your hands there. If not, just put your hands where you feel guided. There are no hand positions in Shamballa. Wherever you put your hands, it will work, regardless of what they need. Remember, what you are doing is helping the part of them that lives in peace, abundance, perfect health and joy to come forward and help the person obtain the healing for their highest good. You are being a channel/conduit of energy for that process. Their inner healer does the identifying and the actual "work." Think of it as a partnership.

When you put your hands on someone (and this is done with palms down), be sure to respect their individual likes, dislikes and comfort zones. If you are not sure what is appropriate, just ask. Some people, for example, dislike being touched on their throat. This may apply to someone who had been abused. Some people do not like to have their eyes covered. Or whatever. I usually tell people to let me know if something I do is uncomfortable. Also, many Reiki practitioners, when they put their hands on someone, cup their hands and keep their fingers together. I believe most people receiving Reiki are more comfortable with this because it feels less intrusive.

After you put your hands on the person, say to yourself "Shamballa on." Usually the Shamballa energy flows anyway, but it is a good reminder of intent to work with the Shamballa energy. Over time, you do not need to say it anymore.  

A session takes less than ten minutes. You can use one hand position or many. The energy goes where it needs to go. You do not need to balance any chakras, or figure out what is going on with the person's energy. Just be a channel and let things happen as they are meant to. If you are already attuned to Reiki and can feel energy, you will find that the Shamballa energy flows first and then the Reiki you were previously attuned to flows next. If you are not attuned to Reiki or other types of healing energies, you will find (if you can feel the energy flowing) that the flow of energy tapers off after a while. This is how you know the session is finished. If you are not sure, then just make your best guess. There is no way to do a Shamballa session incorrectly!!!!!!!

When you are finished, tap your fingertips together to stop the flow of energy to the person. You do not need to say "Shamballa off." The Shamballa energy will never shut off, you are just ending the flow to that person you were working on.

Important: More is not necessarily better. If you are used to giving Reiki or other healing sessions, you may be tempted to keep on going with Shamballa because ten minutes does not seem like much time, or the person you are working with expects more. The extra time is not necessary. It would not hurt anyone, but it does bring into focus your desire to meet other people's expectations. That understanding is healing to work with for yourself and the other person. But that is on a personal note and has little to do with the actual session itself.

When you are done, be sure to thank your spirit guides, angels and whomever you called in to help. Expressing gratitude allows the things you are grateful for to multiply. Ask the person you are working with to be careful in getting up and have them do so very slowly. If they need to ground, show them how. The earthstar activity you learned to ground after the attunement works well for many people.

Remind them to drink extra water and take a nap if they are tired. These two simple steps help their bodies to flush out anything released and also the nap helps the person to integrate the energy and the changes (healing) that happens as a result of the session. In my opinion, what makes a session work is not what happens when the person is on the table receiving, but what they do with the changes when they go home. They are responsible for their healing. This does not mean you have no responsibility for what you do during the session. Your responsibility is to be as clear a channel as possible. You do this by self-treating on a regular basis.


Touch your fingertips together to break the magnetic charge between you and the healee. Wash your hands and arms in cool water after completing the healing to discharge any collected energy in your auric field.


When electricians wire houses for electrical energy, they must ground the system, to protect it from an improper flow of energy. When we are channelling energy through our bodies, we must also ground for the best results. However, unlike electrical grounding, for us grounding means that we are connected to the earth and energy comes from the ground.

How do you ground? There are many different ways to ground, all with the end result of you feeling connected to the earth. You can use earth energy for balancing and healing, like Reiki energy, you can channel earth energy into people, plants, animals, and the planet itself. The more you practice grounding and channelling energy, the easier it will become and the more effective a channel you will become.

The following exercise is good for practising channelling earth energy, both for grounding you and helping to heal our planet. When we channel energy up from the planet, through us and back into the planet, we are sending the earth a transformed and healing energy, different from what she offers us.

Stand firmly with your feet flat on the floor, shoulders width apart, knees slightly bent.

Relax and breathe, and be aware of your feet on the floor and your legs holding you up.

Be aware of your feet. Imagine that you feet are sinking through the floor into the earth below. Plant your feet in the earth.

Imagine that you are a tree growing roots down into the earth from your feet. Let the roots sink deep into the earth through the layers of soul and rock into the hot, vibrant, molten centre. Once you roots reach the centre of the earth imagine that you can attach an anchor to them. An anchor that allows you to move freely but one that keeps you connected to the earth.

 You may want to re-connect your ground every 45-60 seconds.

The above exercise will ground you. If you then wish to channel this energy continue as follows:

Feel your spine and root open to the energy of the earth, and like the root of a tree, allow the energy of the earth to flow up into your spine effortlessly and easily. You may want to imagine energy flowing into you with each in-breath.

Allow the energy to move all the way up your spine, filling your entire body and flowing out the top of your head.

Allow the energy to fill your chest and heart, and to move down your arms and out your hands as if your arms and hands are a hose through which the energy flows.

Once you feel the energy flowing up your spine and out your arms and hands. Place your hands flat on the floor and channel the energy back into the earth, knowing that this energy is nurturing and healing our planet.

You may wish to reconnect to the earth every 45 to 60 seconds to keep the energy flowing.

One way to maintain your grounding is to be aware of the bottom of your feet, particularly of the beginning of the kidney meridian (two-thirds up your foot in the centre)

.   .  


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