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can't enjoy luxuries and pleasures.  It means that if the pleasure is not immediately available, you remain totally satisfied. Living without the need for plans and dreams is living simply in the present - being satisfied with whatever you have now.

     You can look forward to some future event, as long as you realise that the event will not satisfy you any more than you already are.  For example, you could look forward to a well-deserved holiday, a new car, etc, but remaining aware that it will not add to your inner satisfaction.

     Perhaps the planned event will never eventualize, or perhaps it will not be as enjoyable as you had planned.  And if it does eventually occur, and is actually enjoyable, then the enjoyment is still only a fleeting and temporary experience and then you will worry about it ending and life becoming dull again. But there would be no less of happiness if you had only ever let it be viewed as an event, not a desire for some future life-improving experience.

     By living in a constant state of satisfaction, your enjoyment of everyday simple things will grow deeper.  There is no need to cut yourself off from your favorite pleasures.  But life gets easier when you cut down on indulging in continuous activities to gratify the senses.  Simple eating, simple entertainment, simple comforts bring the greatest inner rewards.  If you feel that you are ready to benefit from these, move towards them gradually so as not to suffer withdrawl symptoms and end up just as entwined in the need for sense-gratification again.
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