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Reiki Attunement
      The ability to heal ourselves and others already exists within all of us.  All that is needed is to learn specific techniques to focus this ability.  There are numerous spiritual healing systems that are able to help the individual gain this focus.  But Reiki is unique in that it uses Attunements to instantly transform the individual's healing ability into a very effective and powerful force.

     Reiki Attunements are not easily described, but can be compared to tuning a radio.  The first attunement can be compared to finding a station amongst the static.  The second attunement brings the station in clearer.  The Master Attunement brings the station in perfectly, leaving the station loud, clear and static-free.

     Instead of simply adjusting a radio, we are tuning in the body's own energy system to the higher energies of the universal life force.

     During the twentieth century the 3 attunements have usually been given to the student over a period of years.  Since then the world has been rapidly changing and at present we find ourselves in a time of increasing spiritual understanding, unlike ever before.  As we approach the millenium, the intensity of piritual activity has prompted the need for a faster, yet just as powerful, route to mastering the art of healing.  Congratulations on becoming an active part of this exciting process!

     Before sending you this book, I permanently attune you over a number of days to the Reiki Master level.  At those specific moments, or at some time since then, you may notice sensations of energy, light, colors, or just feelings of general positivity and peace, or you may have experienced particularly vivid dreams.  However it is perfectly okay to have noticed nothing unusual yet, as these sensations are not an indication that the attunements have been given.  We each experience the Reiki energy in our own unique way, and you may only start to experience it consciously after some practice.

( Please note that if you had already been attuned to any of the Reiki levels before receiving our attunement process, the new attunements have acted as re-affirmations of the earlier initiations with the addition of the new levels you will receive.)

Reiki is not meant to replace professional medical care, but rather serves to compliment orthodox medicine. Be sure to use appropriate medical care for any physical or emotional problems you have may.

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