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Complete List of Courses
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If a course has *NEW* beside it, then it was added during the month of August 2000

Course Name

Energy Cleansing - Personal
Cleansing Pool
Energy Cleansing - Personal
Cleansing Shower
Energy Cleansing - Personal
White Light Cleansing
General Awareness
What Is A Life Path?
General Awareness
Understanding Free Will
*NEW* General Awareness
Is It Time To Develop Your Inner Guidance?
*NEW* Healing
A Simple Introduction to Energy Healing
General Healing Visualization
Protection Prayers
Psychic Development
Creating Your Inner Guidance Sanctuary
Psychic Development
Higher-Self Meditation
Psychic Development
Inner Guidance Meditation Technique
Psychic Development
Psychic Development
What Is A Visualization?
Perspective On Life Meditation
Spirit Guides
Introduction to Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides
Types of Spirit Guides

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website is designed to educate people in the art and science of living free. It teaches self-possession and self-decision as alchemical tools for transformation