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The trance state always feels like less time has elapsed than actually has elapsed.  However,
there are varying degrees of depth to the trance state.    Occasionally, you will be aware
while in trance.  During this experience, time feels like it has been suspended.  Sometimes,
you will not be aware while in trance; at these times, you will experience a sort of missing

Once you have mastered the trance state while lying down, you are ready to go to practicing
it while sitting up with your back as straight as you can.   While practicing the following
techniques don't strain and perform them in a quiet, secluded place.  If necessary take your
phone off the hook and put the kids to bed.

I suggest you start by practicing a yoga breathing technique called "alternate nostril
breathing."  Alternate nostril breathing calms the mind and energizes the third eye chakra.
Alternate nostril breathing is performed in the following manner.  Rest the base of the palm
of your right hand on your chin and your three middle fingers on your forehead; if necessary
rest your elbow on a table.  Gently press closed your left nostril with your little finger and
breath in through your right nostril.  Now, close your right nostril with your thumb, and
slowly breath out through your left nostril.  Next, breath in through your left nostril, while
your thumb holds the right nostril closed.  Finally, breath out through you right nostril while
your left nostril is held closed by your little finger.  Repeat the process over and over until
your mind clears of thoughts and is relaxed.  

Once your mind is quiet and relaxed rest your hands on your lap or a table and start slow
deep breathing through your nose.  Eventually, you will slip into a meditative trance state.
If you have enough residual energy from the breathing exercises, your third eye or crown
chakra will awaken, you will see brilliant flashes of light in your mind, be brought instantly
out of trance state, and feel alot of bliss.

While practicing any of the above exercises, you should feel no strain at all.  Sit against the
side of your bed or in a chair to relax you back if you need to.  Don't force yourself to breath
in or out rapidly.  If any of your muscles feel tense, consciously try to relax them.  If your
mind is restless keep doing the alternate nostril breathing, but don't force your mind to be

Personally, I much prefer the following artificial method.  You have much more control
over your mental state and can compensate for a fall, if it should occur.  Whether the
kundalini will awaken with the natural method is hit or miss.  It depends upon how much
energy exists within you when you enter trance state, how straight your back is, and how
complete a trance state you enter.  With the artificial method, you have exact control over
your energy state.  However, with the artificial method, you must have access to a computer,
light and sound machine, or a tape player.

Artificial Method

The kundalini is easily awakened using light and sound sessions.  Indeed it is only the sound
portion of light and sound sessions that is needed to awaken the kundalini.  The principle
involved is quite simple.  All you have to do is to use a session to put yourself into a very
deep trance like state and then stimulate the mind.  Nothing is easier to do with a light and
sound session.

This works is because the trance like state removes the ego's barriers and the stimulation
awakens the kundalini.  This is equivalent to saying that the trance state unlocks the door,
and the stimulation open it.  After the door is open it is up to you to follow through.  The
session will awaken automatically the kundalini, however you have to be ready to commit to
its rising.

The following frequencies are the ones used within the enlightenment session:
Stage 1 & 3
257       250
236       243

Stage 2
261       254
233       240

Stage 1 & 3 provides the trance state.  Stage 2 provides the stimulation.

There are a great many things that you need to know before you can begin to successfully
use this session: durations, waveform, volume, filters, exact practice, what to do if the trance
state doesn't take, etc.  All of these things, plus who should or should not use light and
sound session, what to expect to occur at various frequencies, how to write effective
sessions, and much more is explained in the Awakening Mind manual listed within the back
of this monograph.

The effects of either the trance  or the stimulative state taken separately wear off after a
couple of days.  After that time it is all your energy and you must either do what it takes to
keep the kundalini going or resist it and shut it down.  The next section is all about keeping
the kundalini going.

Riding The Kundalini

The way to ride the kundalini is to pay its price.  The price of the kundalini is not demanded
of you, it is simply asked.  It is always your decision whether you will give that price or not. .
.Always.  The price of the kundalini is very simple.  Every time you feel the blissful effects of
the kundalini simply loose yourself in it, no matter what.  This is the same as saying that you
give complete devotion to the Spirit of God, nothing more, nothing less.  What primarily is
asked of any disciple of the kundalini is simply that you surrender yourself to it and loose
yourself in it (as you might loose yourself in a good movie at a theater).  

Also, when the spirit within you asks you to do something; simply do it.  I doubt very much
that you will be asked to do anything harmful.  However, the fundamental price of the
kundalini is that you lose the ego within it and fully cooperate with it to the best of your
ability.  Render unto God, that which is God's (who you are and what you are  devoted to
(what you want)).  It is that simple.  Eventually, you will be asked to let go of any material
desires or attachments that blocks full awareness.  What will be shown to you in return is
that you are not who you thought you were and that what you thought you wanted, wasn't
what you wanted at all.


The kundalini changes everything.  It  can alter your life forever.  The kundalini is the
awakening of true spirituality in humans.  It is not without risks, but then nothing in life is.
It is however the most remarkable and fulfilling journey you will ever take.  

I have written this monograph as an aid to those who have, are, or will undergo a kundalini
awakening.  It is meant to be a reference work to keep any serious student on track and to
honestly inform anyone thinking about taking this journey.  I wish you all of the best in your
spiritual journeys.


                                        James Mann

About the Author;

I have undergone 6 or 7 kundalini awakenings during my life time.  After the first
awakening at age 15-16 in the spring of 1969, I have spent much of my life exploring the ins
and outs of the kundalini and the spiritual path.    In 1992, I wrote the Awakening Mind 1
manual that details how to use light and sound sessions to create natural and altered states
of mind (OOBEs, and Kundalini states, etc.)  Altered states and light and sound sessions are
my passion.  

I don't think of myself as a guru (dispeller of darkness).  A guru quite often is the path (as
Christ said "I am the way, the truth, and the life").  I am rather a teacher of what I know.  I
am one who has found the doorway and the key and simply points it out and helps others
who want to open it and walk through.

Products Offered By Enlightened Enterprises

Awakening Mind 1;
AWAKENING MIND I is the definitive manual for programming advanced light and
sound sessions.

Topics include:

Session Theories:
1 Brain Wave         6 Chakra 11 Periodic Cycle
2 Combined Mind State    7 OOBE         12 Suggestive States
3 The Fear Barrier      8 Spectrum      13 Schumann Resonance
4 Integration           9 Window        14 Euphoria
5 Activation            10 Harmonic

Session Construction Techniques:
   Main Technique:       types:         Main Technique:   types:
   1 Simple Entrainment       2         3 Harmonic       4
   2 Straight Offset               4         4 Box X          5

Over 20 Sessions are included:
  Natural States:                  OOBE States:        Enlightenment Sessions:
   Early Morning Childhood    Mind Awake #1       Chakra Balancing #3
   Dreamy Twilight              No Time #1             Awakening Session #1
   Dreamy Evening                  No Time #2          Enlightenment #1
   Delta Sleep                                                        
   Inspirational Theta #1 and #2

   Remedy Sessions:                Special Window Sessions:
   Remedy for Anxiety #1      Euphoria            Relax/Recharge Alpha
   Remedy for Anxiety #2      Peaceful Alpha      Power
   Spiritual Fall Remedy           Suggestive States        Incr. Metabolic Rate
Awakening Mind I also describes natural and altered states of consciousness.  It gives you
the forms you need to track session experiences.  It tells you how to determine what sessions
are doing to you.  Finally, it shows you how to customize your sessions for your own use.

All sessions were geared towards the Synetic Systems PC-Synergizer Board.  The sessions
are adaptable to other formats.  Tips on adapting sessions to other machines are included.

Awakening Mind I is the result of many years of research.  This is the kind of information
most researchers and institutes consider proprietary and not for sale.  It is printed in house.
I am currently looking for a publisher that can make it available at less expense.  Presently,
it can be ordered by persons of legal age for $45 plus $5 for shipping and handling from:

                                  Enlightened Enterprises
                                  PO Box 452
                                  Davenport, IA 52805

Awakening Mind 2

 I am scheduling the release of Awakening Mind 2 for August 1997.  I have practically
finished research for the sessions included.  I currently expect to include sessions on:
Electronic Integration
Mind Mapping
Pattern Matching
Advanced OOBE sessions (extremely easy OOBEs)
The light of the mind sessions
Possibly: Advanced Kundalini and Chakra Balancing Sessions
Copyright 1996 By James Mann of Enlightened Enterprises (ESC, Inc.)   The material
contained within this monograph is copyrighted.  You are authorized to disseminate it
through any medium you choose, so long as this monograph is unaltered.  You may copy
the file, print it, post it to BBSs or internet sites, or give it away.  If you enjoy this file and
feel you have received something from it, then please upload it to you favorite BBS or
internet address.  Should you sell this Monograph please remit $5 US to the author.  
Should you desire the latest yearly update. or desire a nicely formatted large type printed
copy please remit $10 US to the author.  Should you have any questions, please contact the author at
P.O. Box 452, Davenport, IA 52805.