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Attention SysOps et al: Please distribute this upload as widely
and freely as possible!

During a visit to the Church of All Worlds up in Ukiah, I
asked why the Green Egg folks never put their articles on
the BBS systems around the country. Their answer was: "I
don't know. Why is it that we don't put our articles on
the BBS systems around the country?"
     Sensing a Bill and Ted conversation coming on, I said:
"I don't know either. Why don't you give me a disk and I'll
send it out to the masses?"
     "I don't know." they all chanted in unison, "Why don't
we give you a disk so you can send it out to the masses?"
     "Stop it," I cried, "or I'll tell them that all the
rumors they've heard about you guys are absolutely true --
especially the ones about your Beltane celebrations!"
     "Sounds good," they said, nodding happily at the
prospect of having more people about at their Beltane
celebrations who suspected that the rumors were true, "and
make sure you give 'em our address so they can write us
for more info, et al."
     "Et al?" I said, "Why would anybody want to write you
about the Israeli airlines..."

From there the conversation got better, but I'll save that
for another update. The address for the Church of All Worlds
is:  POB 1542
     Ukiah, CA 95482

Tell 'em you got it from this upload.

Never thirst,

Adam Walks Between Worlds, CAW, OTO, et al.
Voice: 800/370-5263