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Definitions that will help you on your journies.
As stated by Kosol atand can also do Aura Readings See Message Board.

Akashic Records: Life records of all souls that have spent lifetime
in Physical Creation. Records document in great detail each event
that occurred during all moments of every lifetime.

Ascension: Process whereby individual integrates physical body with
spiritual (soul) and astral bodies, and which permits him to become
fully conscious.

Astral Body: Non-physical body. Also refers to means whereby soul is
attached to physical body. Usually travels to lower realms of Astral
Plane (higher physical dimensions) during sleep or dream states.

Aura: Electromagnetic field that surrounds body and is given off by
Life energies that vivify body.

Chakra: Life energy centers of body. Bodies of limited conscious
beings contain seven major centers or chakras. In fully conscious
beings, there are about thirteen such major life energy centers
located in and above physical body.

Full Consciousness: State of unlimited reality where physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are fully integrated. Denotes
full use of now-untapped mental and spiritual capabilities:
possession of light body and full range of psychic abilities, such as
telepathy and telekinesis: capacity to instantly manifest what is
physically desired: and full rapport with spiritual and other higher
dimensions. Not as fully integrated with higher dimensions as
Ascended Master. Another term for fully conscious Galactic Human.

Galactic Human: Fully conscious human being. Also called physical
Angel, with full recall of its akashic records and true life purpose.

Karma: Result of interactions with other sentient beings. Principal
means whereby each lifetime is judged. Creates cycles that determine
nature of one's next lifetime. In the coming age, divine grace will
break karmic cycle.

Light Worker: Enlightened Earth dweller who works with Ascended
Masters and Angelic Realms to bring message of Ascension and new Age
of Light to general public. Can be either an enlightened Earth soul
(one who has been caught in karma cycle of many Earth lifetimes) or a
star seed.

Merkaba: Another name for one's Light Body. Part of full
consciousness, when spiritual, astral and physical bodies are
integrated. Allows self to shrink to baseball size and to travel
anywhere, instantly.

Ritual: Usually specific set of procedures done on regular basis,
with defined purpose or goal. Prime example of sacred ritual is
group's or individual's use of meditation or vision quest to achieve
divine purpose, e.g., to heal Earth or to better self.

Spirit: Soul or non-corporeal part of every living thing. Also refers
to Beings of Light that assist in alleviating the daily struggles of
human existence.

Thought Form: Entity created by one's own thought, or by the thought
of another individual or group. Capable of affecting health or
behavior of unsuspecting (or unprotected) person.

The Holy Ones

Angels: Divine messengers of Mother/Father God. Immortal Beings of
Light, or Divine Spirit. Entrusted to orchestrate the means by which
Divine Plan will be carried out.

Archangels: Highest ranking Beings of Light in Angelic Realms. In
charge of the many tasks needed to carry out Divine Plan of
Mother/Father God.

Ascended Master: Being of Light that has had past life or lives on
Earth During Earth time, achieved full consciousness of highest
level, merging spirit and body into Oneness that transcended all
elements of Physical Creation. This Oneness created Angel-like Being
that broke the strictures of karma and was able to serve as holy
example for all humanity. Ascended Masters now serve on Holy Councils
that assist humanity with its present Ascension process.

Council of the Nine: Guardians of the Great Blue Lodge of the Great
Blue Light of Sacred Creation. One of the Chief Councils of Lord
Siraya. In this galaxy, the sacred Blue Lodge is housed in the Sirius-
B star system.

Creation: Infinite and continuous work of Mother/Father God. Consists
of two aspects: Physical Creation (the human realm) and Spiritual
Creation (the infinite dimensional realms of Spirit). Unfolds
according to Divine Plan.

Deva Kingdom: Physical Elementals who aid Angelic Realms and Councils
of Elohim in formulating and maintaining many elements that make up
Physical Creation.

Divine Plan: Holy and divine blueprint of Mother/Father God. Through
it, the many Creations are carried out.

Elohim: Chief inter-dimensional Creator Beings. Take sacred spiritual
energies given by Angelic Realms and help Angels to formulate and
maintain Physical Creation, according to Divine Plan.

Jesus Christ: Very high Ascended Master of Light. Came to teach
humanity about workings of Love and its corollary - power of
forgiveness. Showed how to use his teachings to ascend. One of the
great prototypes for full consciousness sent to Earth by our loving
and compassionate Mother/Father God.

Lord Buddha: Very high Ascended Master of Light. Came here to teach
humanity about workings of Compassion and how to use it to break
constant cycle of Karma and thereby ascend. One of the great
prototypes for full consciousness sent to Earth by our loving and
compassionate Mother/Father God.

Lord Kuwaya: Aspect of Mother/Father God in charge of overseeing
primary energies of Creation that are needed to carry out Divine
Plan. Supervises, along with Lord Siraya, unfolding of Divine Plan.

Lord Metatron: One of major Archangels, as well as Chief Elohim.
Assigned by Mother/Father God to be in charge of this present
Creation, which is sixth of ten Creations provided for by Divine Plan.

Lord Michael: Magnificent Being of Light and major Archangel. Duty is
to inform the many Archangels how best to carry out Mother/Father
God's divine Plan.

Lord Siraya: Aspect of Mother/Father God in charge of sacred Lineage
and Councils of Heaven, that carry out Divine Plan. All Divine
minions of Heaven follow his holy pronouncements.

Mother/Father God: Supreme Creative Force or Supreme Light of
Creation. Consists of three immortal and powerful creative aspects,
of which only two - Lord Siraya and Lord Kuwaya - have been revealed.
God's purpose is to unfold Creation according to Divine Plan.

Spiritual Hierarchy: Sacred structure that represents holy lineage of
Heaven. Consists of the Angelic Realms, the Deva Kingdom, the
Ascended Masters, the many Orders of the Elohim and the numerous
Divine Councils of the Time Lords.

Time Lords: Great Beings of Light whose orders are represented by
many Divine Councils. In charge of Time, which, along with Light, is
one of the two elements that compose Creation.