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Sharing this article with you, that was found at the AOL Library with permission to redistribute.
Adam Walks Between Worlds, CAW, OTO, et al.
Voice: 800/370-5263
[Editor's Note: Otter was honored by a mention in Who's
Who and this text was taken from the response

Why do you think you were nominated for this honor?

Presumably because I have been a fairly influential figure
in the Neo-Pagan community for the past 20 years,
especially in my capacities as founder of the Church of All
Worlds, editor of the Green Egg, originator of the Gaea
Hypothesis, and creator of the Living Unicorn.

Please, ask these questions of a friend, loved one, etc.,
and give us their answer as completely as possible: What
do they consider most outstanding or noteworthy about
you? What do they think is most interesting about you?
What do they think should be included?

Otter is a brilliant and highly motivated man who operates
with heart and mind. His loyalty is steadfast to a fault. His
genius lies in his massive memory and his ability to make
associations where they are not apparent to others, and
occasionally where none exist. He sees his universe as
benign and plastic and cheerfully uses unconventional
means to achieve his goals. In fact, he prefers to use the
unexpected, though sometimes it's because he is unaware
of the usual way of doing things. His deep love for all
animals except dogs, sense of responsibility for the
outcome of this cosmic transition, and willingness to
travel, talk and listen make him a copper wire for
conduction of thought of a life-positive nature. His
fathomless devotion to the Goddess in his heart and his
life give him an open intuitiveness rare in a man.

Please, share with us in this section anything you would
like to of a personal nature. Your favorite color...Your
hobbies...Your interests (whether it be Tarot Cards or hang
gliding)...Where and when your interest in the Magickal,
Mystical or Metaphysical area began...Tell us about your
pets...Personal reflections.

My favorite color is green, for the green Earth. I love all
things wild: the forest, the sea, the desert and mountains;
wild animals, wild weather and wild women. I love being
naked in the summer sun, and making love on a grassy
meadow. I am most at home in the water, and under it. I am
an open-water SCUBA diver, and hope to take up hang-
gliding. I have also been a spelunker, mountain-climber
and fire walker, having thus achieved a deep affinity with
three out of four Elements. My deepest passion is for the
Goddess, in all Her manifestations; in Nature and in
women. The great love and inspiration of my life is
Morning Glory, my wife and soulmate for 15 years. We
have a mutually open marriage together with Diane, our
freemate of the past 5 years. I also have a 24-year-old son,
Bryan, of whom I am very proud, and I am stepfather to
Morning Glory's 18-yr.-old daughter, Rainbow, and Diane's
12-yr.-old son, Zachariah. I am a graphics artist, potter,
woodworker and sculptor, and my favorite pieces are of
Goddesses, dinosaurs, and mythological/legendary
animals. Dinosaurs in particular continue to hold a
fascination for me since childhood, and this interest has
led me into many obscure areas of natural and para-natural
history. I have a great love of arcania, and collect and
collate odd bits of lore the way others do stamps. Our
current menagerie includes a Unicorn (Bedivere), a great
horned owl (Archimedes), four Siamese cats (Yoko,
Octobriana, Alpha and Kuan), and a mated pair of boa
constrictors (Rosie and Triskelia). I have also raised as
pets deer, possums, pythons, bats, rats, bunnies,
tarantulas, goats, ferrets, box turtles, iguanas, geckos,
tegus, and assorted small birds and fresh- as well as salt-
water aquaria.

Within the Magickal, Mystical or Metaphysical area, do you
have any specific goals or visions?

Of course! My minor personal goals are to republish the
new Green Egg; to raise a Phoenix; to investigate and
solve the mysteries of Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster and
Mokele-Mbembe. To travel to more ancient sacred sites,
especially in South America and the British Isles. To go
into outer space to the Moon and Mars. To market my
entire sculpture series mythological, prehistoric and
legendary creatures, and ancient Goddesses.

My major goals are planetary and evolutionary: to be a
catalyst for the coalescence of planetary consciousness. I
work to aid and abet the Awakening of Gaea.

And as for visions, I hereby present a mythical metaphor
for your edification and amusement:

All living creatures are like cups of various sizes and
shapes, with which the waters of life are scooped from the
well of souls. And all the cups are emptied back into the
pool when they are periodically broken. New cups are
continually being fashioned of living clay, and are dipped
in their turn into the same well to be filled. But it is rare that
a new cup will scoop up exactly the same batch of
molecules as had been contained in a former cup. Usually,
there will be a considerable mix. And so it is that a human
may have bits of "past life" memories of several other
people, as well as assorted animals, or that a human-sized
cup may contain a number of entire birds and other small
animals, but at most, only a fraction of a single whale. And
in the proper balance of Nature, each new generation
replaces the previous, so that the number of each kind of
cup remains approximately constant. Now what do you
suppose happens when one species proliferates greatly at
the expense of others? When there are no more cups of
Moa, Stellar's Sea Cow, Carolina Parakeet, Thylacine,
Sperm Whale, Condor, Mammoth, Giant Lemur, Great Auk,
Cave Bear, Megatherium, Dodo, or countless others, but
the cups labelled "Human" are being produced by the
geometrically increasing billions? In that case, I believe,
the human soul-stuff would become increasingly diluted
with other decimated species, and all the vanished
animals would return in human form.

Many years ago, the Hopi Indians prophesied that the
spirits of all the dead Indians would return in a single
generation in the bodies of the white conquerors. This
generation, they said, would be recognizable by their
native affinity for the ways of the Red Men. They would
wear beads and leather and feathers, let their hair grow
long and hold it back with braids and headbands. They
would take up the Indian ways, and return to the reverence
of Nature and the Great Mother. They would learn the
Indian chants, and purify themselves in sweats, fasts and
vision quests. And they would come to be known by a
name similar to "Hopi," which means "the Peaceful Ones,"
for they would also be the Children of Peace. Around 1970,
the Hopi elders declared that this prophecy had come to
pass, and they summoned shamans from all the tribes to
come to the Four Corners of the ancestral Hopi Land, to
learn the full extent of the prophecies and to go forth and
instruct those who would be receptive. This has been done.

I prophesy that the generation now being born in the
1980's will incarnate the spirits of the murdered whales. I
imagine that the reason why whales always beach
themselves to die is that they have a myth that they once
came from the land, and that they shall return to the land in
the afterlife. I believe this is true. And I believe that this
new generation, who will come of age around the turn of the
millennium, will be a generation of noble heroes in an age
of future legends, for it will be their task to undertake that
Heroic Quest, through all manner of perils, to the Fortress
of Ultimate Darkness, to restore the Light, save the world,
and usher in the next Golden Age. For this is one of those
great Ages of Magic, when the fate of all living turns on a
tiny pivot, and all things are possible. More than at any
such time in all history, the choices have escalated to the
ultimate: Apocalypse or Apotheosis; planetary annihilation
or planetary illumination. As the comic character
"Ozymandias" said in The Watchmen #11: "It's a neck-and-
neck race between the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
and the Seventh Cavalry." And with such a wide range of
possibilities comes the return of true Magic in the form of
coincidence control through manipulation of probabilities.

A friend of mine, Orion, noted awhile back that there are
now as many people alive at one time as have ever lived
before in the entire span of human history. We're all on
stage for the Grand Finale! It's been a great show, and I, for
one, think we should take it on the road. I find it no
coincidence that the very technology which presently
threatens all life on this planet could alternately be used to
build starships which could carry our children throughout
the galaxy. We create our world by the myths we live and
believe in, and for the first time in our history, we are
creating myths not of a golden age long past, but of one yet
to come. What shall it be; Star Wars or Star Trek? We're all
choosing up sides...