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Eco-Warrior Extraordinar Bre-ev Jhan-dar may be contacted through E-mail at: bre-ev@webtv.net.

An Interview with Bre-ev Jhan-dar Written by Heather Petty
I met Bre-ev Jhan-dar slightly over a year ago. Newly connected to the Internet, I decided to hunt down one of the chat rooms people were always raving to me about. For those who have yet to brave the bizarre yet forever educational frontier of the world wide web, a chat room is a web site hosted by either an individual or corporation where you type in a fictitious name for your self and 'chat' in real time with others. Real time means that you can type and post your messages while others are also typing, and instantly the words appear for all to read. It was through experiencing several chat rooms lacking spiritual substance and metaphysical comprehension, that in a last ditch effort I turned my quest for deep spiritual dialogue over to Dogpile search engine. That is how, and when, I stumbled into Spirit Web Chat.
I entered quietly. After experiencing the boisterous event of the larger chat rooms I decided that I would be an observer before getting into any deep discussions with faceless typists. What I read, and more so what I felt, delighted and moved me. Here were individuals speaking readily of God and the Christ Consciousness existing within all life, of manifestation produced by thought intent, and experiencing regular interaction with angels, Light guides, and God as openly as one could ever imagine. I was euphoric, relieved, and every bit at home.

It was in Spirit Web that Bre-ev and I met. Being one who travels regularly as Spirit can at moments get lonely on the physical level. When in the desire to speak completely free, I enjoy having those to speak with that can relate to my frame of reference. At Spirit Web, my husband Rick and I found this freedom. Kindred Spirit connects us all, dwelling within the sacred space of this great travel called Life. Although Bre-ev and I have never held a face to face discussion or enjoyed a meal together, and do not even know the color of each other's eyes or hair, a knowing of one another blossoms from the shared depth of Spirit. I welcome you as we accompany one another in sacred Spirit, and it is with great joy and love that I now present Bre-ev Jhan-dar to you.

September 7, 1999 Heather: Tell us a bit about your self. Who is Bre-ev Jhan-dar?

Bre-ev: I am a 43 year old white male. I Live in Carmicheal, California, a suburb of Sacramento, about 100 miles from San Francisco. My name means 'Bringer of choices', that means that I bring choices of light or dark to any Light Beings I encounter. I cause people to see the choices before them concerning their spirit path. My main aspect about me is that I am an Earth healer and defender. I heal the Earth of ancient darkness that lays deep within her inner self. This includes the continents, oceans, etc. There has been many millions of year's worth of life on this planet, and not all of it was good. So, as we enter the time of ascension, the Earth Mother is releasing all of this bad energy. Similar to what we do when we let go of old karma from past lives, or blocks, or to cleanse our chakras. Same thing pretty much, just on a planetary level. That's where I come in, when Earth Mother does some releasing I step in and transmute it to light energy or wrap it up and send it off to the Source of All.
Heather: How beautiful. How did you come to recognize this ability of service within your self? When did it begin?

Bre-ev: I first started to get visions when I was 14 yr. old. That is when I knew that I would be a mystic of some sort. I had always felt that I had something special to do, but was to young to truly understand at that time. Unfortunately, I made some bad choices as to how to learn this path. I knew my way was going to be a warrior's way, mainly because of the way I resonated with ancient warrior cultures that I would read about. So, I decided that I was some sort of warrior priest, and everything I read about those types led me to believe a certain amount of violence and arrogance was the way to learn my talents. Also I thought drugs would help in that endeavor. I was severely wrong! It took 20 yr. for me to get over that mistake! (Smiles) I did manage to learn some basic awareness skills, but they were all distorted from the drugs and I basically had to re-write my perceptions.

Heather: So you went the way of the warrior. When the moment came, how did you recognize your path?

Bre-ev: I first started to realize this talent shortly after I began to channel my spirit guides. First they used American Indian symbolism to get my attention, then totem animals came to me in dreams and taught me acceptance of power and a few small talents. When they were done, I started to channel angels and star Beings. The first Beings to work with me were Djwhal Khul; a human from Tibet who gained mastery in the early 1800's, Sanat kumara, Star Beings that I call the Eridani (6th dimension) because that is the star system they live in. Nad Snada and Archangels Michael and Raphael, were the first ones to work with me. That is when they started showing me what I am and how to go about learning. I didn't truly understand my path until I started to channel higher Beings. When I started to communicate with my guides is when I was able to learn that I was a Light warrior and defender of Light.

Heather: Do you continue to work with and learn from these Light Beings?

Bre-ev: Yes, I still learn from those I mentioned, and about 2 dozen others over the years. I have received lessons short and long from about 10 different star Beings, several stars, and when I helped planets and stars remove problems I learned from those experiences. My most recent teachers these past four months have been Earth Mother herself, which was very awesome for me! What was called the group 'Spirit of whales', our Sun, he has been teaching me about magnetic energy, and Lord Sananda previously and still known as Jesus, Lord Krishna of Hindu faith, Ashtar, and two short lessons from a couple of star Beings that I wasn't able to identify within human terms.

Heather: How did you acquire the name 'Bre-ev Jhan-dar'?

Bre-ev: I was out in the galaxy doing some planetary work. On the way back to my body, I was attracted/called out to by a giant star, its color is not within our normal color spectrum as we know it. Anyway, it called out for some assistance, it had an energy imbalance within its deepest aspect and was having trouble creating the balance. So, I sent the needed balancing/harmony/healing energy and fixed the problem well enough for the star to be able to continue its self -healing efforts. When it was saying "Thank you", it mentioned my name. I asked, "What was that sound pattern you gave me?" meaning my name. That is when it told me that was my 'true' name. It took a little effort to understand it because it never had to communicate within the limitations of our language before. But that is how I became aware of my spirit name, my true name. A star told me. My birth name is Jesse Andrews. I have done everything from work carnivals all over the United States and parts of Canada for eight years, to washing dishes in truck stop USA, to being a body guard, to being a security guard. I have been a general laborer and gardener. Most of my life has been involved in one form or another with defense or protection of the weak.

Heather: Your words and concepts are very beautiful and full of awareness.
Tell us more of how you came to recognize this ability (Earthwork & transmutation) of service within your self?

Bre-ev: As I stated, it was my guides who basically told me this. But when I was young, it was one of those "What else could I possibly be?" kind of things. It never occurred to me to be any other way. As I later found out, I have been a warrior, priest, seeker, guardian, etc. for thousands of lives.
Heather: Do you find the remembrance of your other incarnations in this line of service useful to life now as Bre-ev?

Bre-ev: Yes I do, remembering certain past lives helped me release various fear and anger, blocks. Also, the emotional context of some of my past warrior work helped when I had to deal with battles and such.

Heather: How fascinating! Tell us about your work with Earth Mother.

Bre-ev: I was / am learning various Earth 'sense's' like weather, earthquakes, magnetic flux and flow, her auric energy, etc. What I would do would be to go to the center of the Earth where her spirit body resides, and then she would show me how to sense these things, how to influence them in order to create healing. Example: The fault lines around our planet would appear to me as silver threads or lines. When an earthquake was emanate, I would send easement energy in order to reduce the severity of the earthquake. It doesn't work all the time though because sometimes it is Mother having to release stuff so I am not able to influence it at all until afterwards, then I still can only send easement and harmony energy. The same for volcanoes, I would 'sense' a pressure build up, and then I would send my spirit body through the earth realm and find the fault line that would be connected to that volcano, then send easement/harmony energy through and to that volcano.

Heather: Do you travel in Spirit to the inner Earth or is it more in third vision? So as you travel into the Earth, she assists you in learning and knowing what is necessary & needed and what is best left alone?

Bre-ev: Mostly spirit travel, with inner eye vision being used to 'see' where I am going. Yes, when she feels the need to tell me something, then she does basically tell me how to 'work with' or how to recognize "don't touch!" it is a highly developed sense of 'feeling' that's involved. I first see the confused or mixed up energy, then I 'feel' for solution if it is allowed. Then I just automatically know what to do. It is also largely about allowing knowledge in, it is not so much someone telling me "do this" or "do that", but "be aware of this and that". It is all on a sensory level. Like a Reiki healer sensing the blocks in a person's energy field, only I am doing it on a planet level with Mother's guidance, sometimes Sananda's.

Heather: There is a great deal of learning involved then. Learning to feel, to relax the senses and expand open as a receiver as well as allowing the self to trust and travel in Spirit and vision. Is this type of travel something you feel anyone on Earth may learn? And if so, how would one recognize the call to travel and listen as a receiver?

Bre-ev: Yes, it is about allowing, trusting, relaxing, etc. Trust is the biggest issue, then allowing the trust to work through you. As far as my skills in particular are concerned, I don't know if just anybody could learn them. But, if one has a aptitude for Earth work in any form, then all one has to do is first really listen to your guides if you have one, if not, learn to contact one. All learning, all skills are already within us. All the guides do is help you remember what you already know. But anyone can learn/remember their skills/talents. All they have to do is allow it to happen.

Heather: Has having such an intimate relationship with the Earth Mother shifted your outer, worldly ways of Living?

Bre-ev: Big time! My awareness of the daily reality of our planet becomes more accessible, more ease in understanding. Like when I see a storm on TV, I know how long, what level of destruction or energy, whether I should interfere, etc. I am becoming more responsive to the plant and mineral devas that are all around me. I live on a several acre Hindu retreat, so I have a lot of wildlife around me. At night, I sense the energy of the planet easier, I feel more 'one with' our planet than ever before. When I project my spirit out into the etheric aspect of the Earth, I am literally flying. Yes, I have wings! We all do, we just need to learn to become aware of them and use them. While I am flying around, I am seeking out energy disruptions that need to be released or balanced. Because of that, I have become highly sensitive to the feel of our planet, how the energy flows, how the Earth energy body is either disrupted or in balance. Which in turn causes me to feel and to 'know' these things when I am awake and in my body. It is hard to describe, but my sensitivity to the Earth is very close to my daily awareness and causes me to be ever more conscious of the reality around me. My appreciation for our planet due to my awareness has increased dramatically, along with my anger at humans and their ignorant ways. It is hard to find the words at times.
Heather: Is there a call or a message from the Earth Mother to humanity on the manner in which we reside upon her? What do you personally feel is the most important effort a human Being can place forth to benefit the Earth's healing?

Bre-ev: Right now the most important act a human can do is love. Learn to give unconditional love to our planet and to all around you. Plant quartz crystals in your neighborhood and intend love / healing for the planet. To teach as many as possible the joy and glory of unconditional love for the planet and everyone on it. The more people who do that the easier it will be for our planet to go through the ascension. To call in white and gold Light filled with love energy and send it to the center of the planet, to freely give this love energy for Mother's higher self and purpose, with no limitations as to how it is to be used. LOVE LOVE!! That is the best act or thing any and all humans can do for our planet. To seek ways to allow love to serve the highest good of all, not what your ego thinks is the highest good, but what you know to be the highest good.

Heather: I agree. I see, sense and am aware that more humans are awakening to love, care and compassion. So quartz crystal has an effect to radiate love, or is it the intent that is placed within it as purity?

Bre-ev: The intent placed with the purity. Quartz will enhance or empower positive intent. It is like an amplifier of energy.

Heather: Reflecting back a ways, earlier you stated that you are an Earth healer and defender, that you heal the Earth of ancient darkness. What is the 'ancient darkness'? Is it a Consciousness, blocked energy / thought forms, or a multitude of things?

Bre-ev: A multitude of things. Everything from a build up of the dark energy created by mankind for the past 10,000 years, to the after affects of ancient wars from star Beings that tried to colonize here millions of years ago. All of Mother's energy points / chakras have been damaged, similar to ours yet of course more intense and powerful. I don't know details, but I have caught images from the dinosaur periods, to times when our planet was still forming, to ancient feeling and very scary looking star Beings who were here and caused psychic harm to the planet.

Heather: Incredible!

Bre-ev: In more ways than I know how to describe. I have experienced things that no human language can describe! It can be confusing sometimes. (Smiles)

Heather: Divinity speaks readily of the Earth Mother awaking from a consciousness slumber and the great importance of human and other Beings now holding a high, clear intent in our thoughts. Do you feel that as we individually and collectively recall and act forth from our Divine Center ~ Being that this will assist the clearing that Light workers and warriors as your self have focused steadily upon?

Bre-ev: Very much so! In fact it is important that as many people as possible do just that! All the energy that can be created is needed. There are only about 9% of the world's population that think in these terms. We need to get a lot more! I don't know exactly how much though.

Heather: I agree. As multidimensional Beings, greater still as Spirit/Divine Source, I feel we can affect the whole of humanity by our focus upon such enlightenment. Bre-ev, earlier you mentioned working with a group called 'Spirit of whales'. Many human Beings are enthralled by the whale and dolphin species upon the planet, how are these Beings aiding in the Earth healing and ascension process?

Bre-ev: Whales and dolphins came here to also help with the ascension. And to help humans become aware of that intent. The whales are the record keepers. They have recorded all known events, knowledge, throughout the entire history of the planet. This in turn helps in the growth and development of our planet in order to help GAIA know when to do whatever is needed to continue growth without having to repeat anything. The Dolphins are here to help in the transmutation of the energies needed for the planet and the humans to go through the ascension process.

Closing Remarks

As we all know by now. Our planet and our race are going to be going through some very joyous, and at times, scary changes. A lot of people have been "predicting" doom and gloom. Don't buy into it. We will be transmuting, changing, growing into a wonderous and beautifull reality. Filled with Love and Joy! When you accept the doom and gloom, you are accepting negative energy into yor energy fields, which in turn causes Earth Mother to accept that little bit of darkness also.. Everything we do, affects Earth Mother. All the joy we feel, all the Love we feel, and all the fear we feel, is also felt by Earth Mother. These changes are going to affect our physical reality in soe dramatic ways, but, it is a part of the cleansing process, a part of Earth Mother releasing and removing all the barriors to her/our ascension. All the activity, the Hurricanes, the Earthquakes, the Volcanoes, even the wars, are all a part of the cleansing releasing process. Don't be afraid! Be JOYFULL!! Fill your self with the LOVE of this new reality that is coming! Accept it, call it in, open your ars wide with joy and love and scream, "YES! I accept this wonderous change!" Teach others around you to feel and act upon the LOVE of this ascension, the absolute JOY of finally COMING HOME!!!! The Angels are amassing, their arms are open wide, waiting for us to come home and remember our LOVE self, to remember the JOY of becoming one with the ALL again! DO Not Be Afraid!!!!

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