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Principles of Planetary Purpose

1. Planet Earth is a classroom.

2. In order to enter Earth's classroom, each of you must wear a body suit.

3. When you receive your body, amnesia will set in and you will forget who you really are.

4. Earth's curriculum centers around remembering the spirit and the love that you already are.
5. When you do begin to remember the love that you are, your intention to fully
manifest that love will be challenged.

6. This is because each of you will also receive a Personal Ego and Free Will along with your body when you are born.

7. All learning and growth centers around the challenge of rising above the ego to manifest the love that you are.

8. Graduation from Earth's classroom depends on fully becoming love in

The Matos Mantras

Prayers of Willingness for the Awakening of Consciousness on Earth


Remember to remember is a wake up call for all human beings on Earth.
Remember to Remember who you are means remember that you are spirit living in a physical body. Remember to Remember why you're here means remember that the goal o Earth is unconditional love. You are spirit inhabiting matter. The body is a shell, an outer encasement, a vehicle in which to live while on Earth. Train your sight to look within; focus on the source beneath the surface. Continually refocus
your attention on the root and not the stem, and you will finally condition your mind to go beyond physical appearances.


Listen! There is a song for every soul that plays like a fountain at the heart of every life. Listen to your own life song. Be ever sensitive to her calling. When you are caught in the storms of life, her sweet silver sound will lead you home. Her resonant internal tone will keep you attuned to the truth and help you correct your course along the way. Follow your own life song. Seek her counsel, and she shall guide you. Renew yourself in her inner stream, and she shall inspire, instruct, and uplift you. Open your heart to your own pure song, for she shall carry you through to the goal and the fulfillment of your destiny.


Ask for help. Ask for solutions. Ask for guidance. Ask for insights. Ask for support. Ask for your needs to be fulfilled Because of the Free Will factor, the ONE waits in the wings on the stage of life until invited in. By asking, you open the door so that the ONE can assist you in your life journey. Asking is one half of the Mantra, the other half is being willing to Receive. Listen, and be ever alert, for when the universe answers, it may be in the language of little synchronicities that guide you towards a solution. Ask knowing that an answer is forthcoming. Then be ever alert to catch it.


Be still, breath, and go within. Turn not your attention outward to the world. For on the Earth, the world goes on world-ing and life goes on life-ing, as the ego continues its play. Dive deep, down beneath the ripples of the mind, and enter the secret chamber of the heart. Withdraw your attention, and dwell within the solicitude and silence for a short period daily. Be still, and out of the silence will come your knowing. Be still, and out of the stillness will come the direction for your journey. Be still, and the ONE will guide you. Be still, and you will remember who you are and who all others are around you.


See all life through the eyes of the heart. The eye that sees from the heart has both keen perception of discernment as well as the soft sigh of compassion. This combination of hard and soft, strong yet never yielding, firm but ever gentle gives perfect sight to the seer. Develop the sacred gift of inner sight, for herein lies both the ability to recognize truth as well as the capacity to see the ONE that lives in
the heart of every being. Sweet is the vision seen with the eyes of the heart for it is lit by the light of the soul.

Act in a way that honors all, for what you do comes back to you. The law of cause and effect is the check and balance system for the entire universe. Ask yourself, would i want to be treated the way I am treating? Would i want to be dealt with the way I am dealing? Would I want to be loved the way I am expressing love at this moment? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then act! Act in a way that furthers all, raises all, and honors all, for what we do to others we are really doing to ourselves.


Believe in yourself and believe all things are possible. The Power of the ONE is infinite. Take a stand for a miracle in the face of no physical evidence. Have faith in life, for life as a way of working out. Believe that you will receive all that you need to fulfill your destiny and to heal the planet. Life works and it will work through you if you'll just get out of the way and let it.


Surrender to the insight that you are spirit. When we surrender to this insight, the world changes. We can no longer judge or criticize. Nor can we be jealous or hateful. Surrender your will to the will of ONE. Surrender is not giving up.
It is not passive. Instead it is taking an active stand to alter the world around us by harnessing the ego with a compassionate heart. To the soul who surrenders, the heart melts and merges, blending the outer world with the inner. From that moment forth nothing remains the same for this one becomes a carrier of love, giving to others as love has given to him.


Every human being is a cell in the great body of mankind, yet because of the amnesia effect and the personal ego almost everyone on Earth as forgotten this. Most human beings look at each other and perceive only the surface differences and not the singular source that lies within. This is because the ego creates a sense of personal identity that gives the illusion of separation, making me look different from you. Growth and wisdom are synonymous with moving from a contracted to an
expanded state of awareness: From thinking of me to thinking of we. The goal is to expand so that we include all things and all people. Development on Earth is measured by the degree to which we shift our awareness from a small self-centered personal identity to an expanded universal identity.