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Here are some exercises you might want to work with for
inducing an out-of-body experience:                                            
Lie down in a comfortable position at a time and in a place
where you are not likely to be disturbed.  Make sure that   
your clothing (if any) is loose and that the circulation is
not being cut off in any part of your body.  It helps to go
to the bathroom before the exercise too...              
Then relax all the muscles in your body from your head down
to your feet, or vice versa, until you can't relax any more.
pay special attention to muscles you never used to notice...
temples, jaw, muscles around the eyes...calmly make sure    
they are relaxed, and if they're not, let them relax...     
then, once you are in this meditative state, imagine/feel   
yourself floating up and up and up or sinking down down
down (through the mattress) or rolling over or lying the
other way in bed or in the presence of a far-off friend or
love or hovering a few inches above the physical, or
anywhere you want to be other than where the physical is
already...feel free to experiment and make up your own                       
techniques...whatever works best for you is the way to go.
It is common to feel tingling sensations with this exercise,
and they often grow in intensity prior to entering the OOB  
state...they can be described as feeling like electricity   
flowing through the body...it's important to be comfortable
with this feeling, otherwise it will invoke fear, which will
tend to keep one from projecting.  It's also important not  
to strain to "push yourself out"...just relax and let the   
vibrations do all the work.  If you strain or tense up in   
any way, it hinders the process of separation.              
Early on, you might fall into normal sleep when performing  
these exercises.  That's perfectly OK...you might also have
a number of unconscious projections before your first       
conscious one.  That's ok too...some of us have things to   
sort out before we are ready for out-of-body experiences...
some of us don't...so just be persistent with meditating and
let things work themselves out in their own time...you will
project consciously when you are ready (on all levels) to   
project consciously.                                        
Once you are "out" in a genuine OBE (as opposed to being      
conscious or projecting in the dream body) you can go       
anywhere you want merely by thinking of where or to whom    
you want to go (no road maps to refold!:) provided that     
there is no resistance, either internal (e.g. indecision) or
external (e.g. someentity doesn't want you to go there--tho
you may overcome that).  You also need to have a "feel" for  
who you're trying to see or where you're trying to go...in  
other words, you must have some connection to it, and it has
to be interesting to you, otherwise you'll find something   
better to do...(so some people think they can go snooping   
around top-secret places or something...well, they can, but
they have to instill a deep emotional desire to do it       
first)...you also might want to let your experiences be     
guided.  Recently I have been experimenting with asking non-
physical friends/guides(?) to take me where I most need to  
go, or to take me to _____ and then a pair or two of        
non-physical hands take hold of me and escort me somewhere.
there are human forms behind the hands, I think...I've seen
two of them and felt around behind me with others...        
You can also ask them to take you where you can experience  
________ or perhaps where you can learn about _______       
anything you want to do, they can help you do it.  You just  
might not understand why they take you where they do for a  
few days/months/years ;)  I'm still trying to figure some of
my experiences out :):)
Good times to project are an hour or so before your normal
bedtime, as you will increase the chances of remaining
conscious throughout the experience; in the morning after
you have already gotten some sleep (as the body is already
very relaxed...this is when most of my projections occur)
and indeed any time during the day that you feel you can
relax :)
Some incenses and stones can assist you in projection as
well...anything that raises your general vibrational state
(as opposed to grounding you in the physical) can help...
just don't burn the house down if you're using incense ;)
It also helps to write out and/or think affirmations such
as "I can astral project at will".
The out-of-body state can also be accessed through the
dream state via lucid dreaming.  Lucid dreaming can be
induced by establishing "reality checks" which you make
periodically during the day (asking yourself whether you
are dreaming and then performing a test to determine
whether or not you are, such as looking at writing or
clocks twice and noting whether the display changes,
or trying to fly or do other things which are "not
possible" in the physical world).  Eventually you
will start performing such reality checks in your
dreams, and thereby become more often conscious in
your dreams.  To go from lucid dreaming to the OBE
state, raise your vibrational level within the dream
(I don't have much personal experience with this
technique but have read about it and heard that it
works from others...)
Hope this helps :)

please feel free to distribute this freely.  
happy travels :)

(for further reading i highly recommend Robert A. Monroe's "Journeys Out
of the Body" and "Far Journeys" (as well as the upcoming "Ultimate Journeys")